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Cute concept. Took a second but I liked it once I got it.

epika pubika

took me a few secs but i get it and LOVE it! i want it for my birthday


i still LOVE LOVE LOVE this one.


well, the idea is good


i just about snorted. good job.


the bobby explodes goodness on the tee shirts.


i like it but the pheonix looks like a baby chick.
im also a fan of the no-text concept.


Get rid of the text and I'd buy it.

i hear you, about the text, though without it, no one will know what the design means. rebirthday, the phoenix, rebirth, cupcake with birthday candle, birthday, combine it all, you get: rebirthday. it's part of the whole concept is all. I open though, anyone have any suggestions?

Mazy Mallone

very cute ... i love it!



i dont mind the text on this one at all, however i wouldnt mind the design being just SLIGHTLY smaller so the text wasn't so close to the bottom of the shirt (I'm sure other people will argue with me on this one. but explanation: i wear guy's shirts and the bottom is always slightly baggy). i $5ed it.


Maybe smaller on the shirt


I agree about the text. I totally got the concept before I saw it. Ditch it and I give it a $5.


super cute... don't need the text to get it. the text is lame


i like it, and i like it with the text. how about moving the text to the space beneath the phoenix's left (or right for viewers) wing, like an artist's autograph that's added as an afterthought instead of as a front-and-center feature of the piece?

I'm not sure if people looking at the shirt are going to think "oh! rebirthday" if the text isnt there, the text is kind of the punchline, after you see the image, you know? It's about formula. thats why i think it needs to be there. I like the suggestion of integrating it into the design better, I'll try that in a resubmission someday down the line maybe.


Love it.
I'd buy it.
The phoenix chick is adorableness.


It would be really adorable on a kid's shirt or onesie... though I'd wear it on my birthday too. 5$


Really, really cute. Doesn't need the text ~ if someone doesn't understand the shirt, they'll probably ask you, and then you can just say, "Rebirthday."


J Boots

Love the text and the concept, though I would prefer the image a bit smaller...
Also I agree that the icing should stay white.
Still 5$!


I like it, but I think the direction of the flame suggests that it is moving downwards ... though it is cute. 4 for now, but I could go up :)


i love the cupcake!


i love it love it! and it is about time for me to have a rebirthday, too...


I love it, but I hate the shirt colour.


Oh I am neeedddding this.


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