Hands, some

  • by IM0DiuM
  • posted Sep 23, 2007

Mouth fixed, hands filled and shaded =)

Watch this

Mouth fixed, hands filled and shaded =)


not convinced - i think the lion face elsewhere on threadless wins the montage image thing


did u get this from labyrinth? when she fell in the hole and all the hands were grabbing her making different faces, just like this one. a little too big for comfort


I didn't know it was from a film, I've noticed it from the comments in the last submission :O btw I've got to see Labyrinth as soon as possible :S


its a jim henson made it. its all puppets with david bowie is the goblin king. one of my favy's


to be honest i prefer the first attempt....the color just looks so awkward ending and then there is just red or gray...the blue version is nice though because it avoids that....


Blue blended color version, and a little smaller, and it's a 5! I love it!


":O btw I've got to see Labyrinth as soon as possible :S"
heck yea you do, i love this shirt, but i think it would be cool black and white. its crazy that you made this and havent seen labyrinth. love it!


You have a very neat and personal style, simple and expressive at the same time!
Five bucks for me!


i think it would have looked way better if the shading was the same colour as the shirt, right now it look awkward


original was better


i didn't know it was supposed to be a face. i just loved the layout of the fingers. i think it prefer the subtlety of the original.


I made this out because of the many comments about shading and filling the hands on the first attempt =/
Btw I prefer the blended color version
Thanks for the comments =)


i dont see how people cant see that it's a face - its awesome :-)


I'll just drop this and try with another idea =P
thanks for supporting


I loved the one that was just outlines... but this i dont like... sorry


Isn't there a scene from Labyrinth with a tunnel of hands... and they make faces and talk and stuff.... or something?...

Regardless, I like this design... but I suggest shrinking the design just a tad.


Mazy Mallone

oh wow! magic fingers!

very awesome!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

How can this NOT come from Labyrinth? lol. Whatever...it's cool because it's not a direct copy from it, just used as inspiration. I'd like the fingers to more defined and a bit smaller, but very nice overall.

She's in the ubliet!!!!


reminds me of survivor for some reason. haha :) but $4


Reminds me of Labyrinth.
Love that movie, never wish for your sibling to get taken away by David Bowie, LOL.
Kinda Creepy but nice style of illustration.
Different idea perhaps?


Reminds me of The Labyrinth.
I like it, however I think it needs more, perhaps a different take.


I love Labyrinth, but this seriously just makes me...uncomfortable?


i should have never started the labrynth comment. LOL.


$4 very clever! could do with being a bit smaller though...


very nice!
now... where is the sexy man bulge?


ummm, u really dont need to see labyrinth, i had heard all the hype and thought "a movie with david bowie??? how can i go wrong." Well it really sucked


not so aesthetically pleasing, but i've never seen a layered-hand shirt so that gets points.


it's kinda messy for a front print but it would look great on the back of a shirt.


great job by the way!


I much prefer the blended colour version, as I don't like the pink shade of the hands at all. A good skin colour is almost impossible.


labyrinth, David Bowie.


Wicked, I'd like it smaller though

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