Lets keep our country clean

  • by Hauvi
  • posted Sep 23, 2007

I hope that isn't in comparison with law:)

Watch this

I hope that isn't in comparison with law:)


i dont get it...


i dont get it...


me neither

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when you are at trash can, take out card with circle on it. Then eat the circle. Your country will then be clean.

dangerous dave

so eat rubbish to keep the country clean?




i think it's funnier after reading this thread...but the nonsensical aspect could be pushed further...but the sad thing is i don't think it's supposed to be nonsensical.


not only does it keep your country clean but you'll get a big black blob on your fat red lips


But only the blob is going into the mouth...is it gum?


It's those little dot candies stuck on paper that you used to buy 5 cents for four inches, or whatever.


I guess it says "re-chew used gum" or something like that. Funny but a little disgusting.


remembering to be nice


that is the funniest thread ever


i think i got it. the card being discarded has a censor dot on it. the dude throwing it out obviously doesnt have a need to censor anything so he tosses it. the dude picking the card out of the garbage has a girlfriend actually who has been living with a weird birth defect, an unborn fetus penis stuck to the corner of her mouth. the dude on the bottom is just a creepy fuck who gets off on useless censorship. like john ashcroft covering the judicial balance sculpture. thus keeping out country clean by censoring unborn baby fetus penis and beautiful classic sculpture and art. THANK YOU CENSORSHIP


it's supposed to go the other way. you chew your gum, put it on a piece of paper and throw it in a trashbin. basicly a copy from some gumwrapper that i don't know the name of.

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