ace of cakes hearts threadless?

Mary-Alice wears threadless shirts all the time! Ive seen her wearing A Caged Bird Dreams, 99 luft balloons, and There There and There.
She also has a threadless sticker on the back of her computer, which i just noticed the other day. It made me really happy..i wonder if she has a user name on here...

Watch this

that's a funshow... and now it's even better if they're wearing Threadless!!! I'll have to watch for that...


that would be pretty funny if she did


I loveeee Ace of Cakes. I love seeing Mary Alice wearing Threadless, ha. I too noticed the sticker on her computer! It's not there in older episodes.

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^ Cool! She needs to start a blog or something.


she has to have a user name on here to buy tees, i think....

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