Does anyone have any of the hoodies? I just want to know if they're good quality and at all worth the $40.

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the american apparel hoodies, they're like a hug that you wear


I have a few and for me they are just OK.


yeah, they are decent quality for a hoodie.....the fit kinda loose at the bottom......

chronically bizarre

the fabric of their hoodies are thinner than I expected. they're more appropriate for the fall, but I typically wear hoodies during the winter because I hate carrying around crazy heavy jackets.


what winter are you thinking of? if you're above... North Carolina, or in any kind of mountains, you certainly wont be able to survive with merely a hoodie after dark...


...Or anytime of the day.... Brr! I layer a hoodie AND a coat.
Definitely getting this.


are all of the available hoodies American Apparel? How about the Communist party one?


zomg cant believe i got it for 25!


The hoodies sold out so fast, I'm gutted :( Spent too long deciding what size to get, I guess.

If anyone wants to sell me one.. Well, that'd be just dandy! :D

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