Death to Televison

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It's so like Fahrenheit 451--only this time, the only people that might protest this demonstration are couch potatoes. Hmm...this concept is becoming more attractive the longer I think on it!

P.S. Do you think YouTube will kill the television star?

Kris C

This is a nice idea but I'd like to see a better realization of it. Right now there is no variety to line thickness and some of the TVs in the background have as much emphasis as the ones in the front. The gray and yellow are perfect, so don't touch that!


I agree with KrisC.
I really like it but it could be even better with a little extra effort.

For instance, I simply love the image at the TV on the top of the pile...
It appears like the face of the devil, except for the horns.
Was it intentional or did it come out like that by chance?
Either way, with a retouch it would be awesome!

For the other TVs you could use more variety ... maybe you could made the cracked glass on 2 or 3 other TVs seem like Rupert Murdoch, Silvio Berlusconi ... etc...

For the rest of the TVs, maybe just random cracked glass just to avoid filling all TVs with faces because it would be probably too boring.

Anyway, I'm giving this a 5... hoping that you can re-design a little bit if it wins!


word-- i would totally buy it after some touch ups-- the shadow is a little weird to me..

i disagree with mitrado though-- i would keep the cracks abstract and let the viewer see something there if he/she wants to.


Great concept, but makes me sad. Never may this happen!


maybe without the dude?


I'd never wear this. TV IS MY FRIIIEND.

Absolute Monster

I love the idea.
But I think the person could be worked on.

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