Happen to anyone else?

Anyone else order shirts right at the end of the sale time and getting near the store opening and get shafted, like not get shirts that you ordered? Two weeks and a half later i have to e-mail them to find out where my shirts are to tell me that there was an ordering problem.

Its sad to see the downfall of threadless

first crappy t's, then opening a store they said they wouldn't, now bad customer service :/

rant off, just a little frustrated that the shirts i ordered are out of stock now

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its not bad customer service.

im having the same problem. if i dont get the shirts by sat, i was told to send em a message and they will work something out with me.

blame UPS.

Dear Threadless, ditch UPS and use FedEx.


@ torakamikaze

Yeah about a year ago in the chicago trib, they had a huge article on threadless, they asked em if they would ever open a store and they laughed and said no, because the online store fits the concept

look how that turned out


Yeah, my order from Aug 28 hasn't shown up, either. The Customer Service advice was to wait until next week, because of massive UPS screw-up.

Trouble is, I'm in Canada so my shirts were supposed to come by DHL/CanadaPost, and not UPS.

If they got sent by UPS I'll get soaked about $50 in brokerage fees, which will really really bite.

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