Just A Shadow

Who knew shadow puppets could teach us so much?

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Made in Secret

Who knew shadow puppets could teach us so much?


w/o text, would probablly buy

otherwise too gloodmy and makes no sense


i agree, the text isn't nessacery


yeah, me too. Love it without the text!


i like the shading on the hands..but agree re. the txt


is it supposed to be like..."Out, out, brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow; a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing"...??


very cool, though...the text makes me think of something probably completely unrelated...obviously...


Was it Aristotle or Plato who thought of the whole "This world is just a shadow of a World of Ideals in which perfect forms of everything here exist"?


First thought was "get rid of the text" and lo and behold, everyone else is thinking that too...


Umm... could someone explain to me how we could get the connection to life without the text? I think it's necessary. Excellent design, BTW.


no text = 5


I'm not sure I see what the artist was thinking with the text / image connection but I like it.

You have to think. What's wrong with that?



I'm conflicted about the text, but this design also reminds me of the environmental impact humans have had on certain species, such as the wolf and coyote. I'm not sure if the text opens the interpretation of the visual or throws it off.


Love the picture.


loose the text and it will definently do good.


style of the font dosnt match the style of the pic


I'm pretty sure it was Aristotle who thought of the whole "life as being a shadow of perfection" thing. (Basically, every thing we see in this world is the equivalent of the shadow of its perfect form on a cave wall - the perfect form in front of the light source/cave entrance. Interesting concept, no?)

Wouldn't it be cool to just have the philosopher's name instead of the entire phrase? Easier to read AND makes you look really smart when you explain the idea to people.


whatever, I like the text! So there!


I like the text. Without it it's just a guy doing shadow puppets.


I would definitely keep the text.
Yes, I agree.. without its just a guy doing shadow puppets.. that's kind of taking out all the significance.


..I thought it was Plato.

Alex M. Solefish

I wish the text were styled more like the cartoon. Definitely keep it, though.


Without the text it would be pretty pointless...


i like the text alot


one of the reasons i signed up for threadless was that i figured there wouldn't be as much emo kids as myspace or facebook.
WRONG! sheesh, cut this stuff out! these kinds of things make my wrists throb!


i will admit that the text is cool, though, but i'd actually BUY the shirt if it didn't have the text at all.


Without the text I'd be all over it.


The text sounds like something out of a Linkin Park song.


The shirt without the text is pointless.


.. i'd buy... minus the text.

uber bad juju

nix the text and i'd go for it


This reminds me of Plato's allegory of the cave... I like it with the text, I don't know why other people are complaining about it. Maybe if it was worded a little differently? I still like it, though.


The text does fit with the design, and it is lovely this way. And it would have been lovely too without the text.

@cubed....just because it is a shadow pupet with a hand, does not make it a rip off. the style and characters are both diffrent, so no false accusions.


I'd buy it without the text, it's too emo with it I think.

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