Kills it for me...

  • by Yourhero
  • posted Sep 17, 2007

That last line, the "this disease" thing is so pathetic and vague and emo, and it totally ruins the other clever (albeit small and illegible) things on this shirt.

Watch this
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I agree, without that line, I'd want this.

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I agree, without that line, I'd want this.


I've never agreed more with a comment on this site—totally kills the shirt.


well... i dig it. bought one for me and my boy.


i like it.


I like the last line, because the reader is all, "Haha, this is so funny," until they get to the last line, and then they're just "D:" And that would be actually quite amusing to watch.


i'd prefer it without it too but it does seem kinda emo, it's really not necessary. good thing it's small!


that's two "thats' 2005" comments in one day, tesco.


I thought it was weird at first, then I interpreted it in a more generic way, just like "they tell us that the future will bring more cures for diseases." And it made everything ok.


I agree with Stellar. Just fill in "cancer" or "AIDS" or "bird flu" or whatever you want for "this disease".


i have diabetes. i want a cure. i want this shirt.

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i'm studying public health. i want this shirt. i don't think it's too emo. we're allowed to be a bit maudlin when we discuss disease, especially when we think of suffering, no?


Lol at people who won't buy this because of the last line.

It has like five lines of awesome and 1 line of not. Get it.


i'm confused as to why everyone is so bothered by the last line. you're okay with a t-shirt that makes you look like a straight-up sci-fi geek, but add something pseudo-political with humanitarian undertones and -damn- it's ruined? the last line makes this shirt... for me.


I just took it kind of like the old small-type "If you can read this, you have SARS" shirts. Civilian leans in to read your shirt, and it informs them that you're contagious. Curiosity killed the cat, doofus.


I think the last line actually MADE the shirt for me. The rest is too light, the one line is a saving grace.


i love jet packs, i hate emo. all the other things are kind of "cool future" stuff, but the last line is just stupid.

wouldve got it otherwise.


I agree with the OP, the last line drives it into emo territory.

spontamyous, nothing wrong with a being sci-fi geek at all! Whereas I don't think most people would see it as political/humanitarian... just vague and self-pitying. If it mentioned a specific disease or at least was multiple diseases instead of "this disease" (which does imply the wearer has it), then it would more how you described.

Rakoth, I like it a lot more like that! But I definitely didn't see it as that to start with, and I doubt many other people would either.


I dont think the last line is "too" emo but i just interpret it as the future supposedly having more cures for diseases, I think.


I just wish it was in black when I bought it :(


Honestly, I am proud of being a geek, and the emo thing isn't really necessary. but, at the same time my brother bought this shirt a few years ago, now I want it for myself, and I never noticed the emo part


I always read it as the 'disease' being the dissatisfaction with what is supposed to be 'the future'.


i dont get the emo shit people are sayin....if your not emo, why the fuck would you care?


I read it like andgreyskies did...


it seemed a little lyrical. you know, sad and all 'oh, woe'.

but i didn't mind.

and evil laugher, you are SO right.


When mine arrives I will see if anyone even perseveres to read through to the last line.


yeah thats the only line I don't like.. thankfully its tiny and at the bottom :/


trust me, people do drag you over and read it out loud.. loudly.

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