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Watch this
ice creamm

da vinci code? great ...


poet trees 2


Very detailed. I like it.


reminds me of the matrix

I Hate Usernames

I love it. Love it. I'd buy it in two heart beats. $5 (I love the title too)


sorry, but this is too much like poet-trees. nice idea though.


I like this alot im too lazy to figure out the title but you still get a 5

Vanishing Sun

only similarity is that they both are tree's derived of its content. I dunno, maybe because I'm a former computer buff, but binary tree is actually something I know what it is. I love how its extremely detailed though. I'd buy it.


i like it, but i don't like the shirt color. It doesn't seem to match. And maybe make more numbers scattered a bit. More like the matrix rather than poet-trees.

Hebby 101

01000111 01101111 01101111 01100100 00100000 01001001 01100100 01100101 01100001 00101100 00100000 00110100


I already own poet-trees and I'd buy this one too.
I have a soft spot for binary.


This looks like something you find in a Photoshop magazine tutorial.


theres programs that make photos in to binary code or symbols automatically...


Well as anyone can tell I didnt use one of those programs. They make stuff look lame.
Also, a binary tree is a term in computer science where a tree starts off with a root node which branches off into two child nodes which each branch off into two child notes and so on. It is used for sorting data. This would be a more literal interpretation of that phrase.
Oh and sorry to anyone who thinks Im ripping off poet trees. Im pretty new around here and never even saw that one.


Oh and thanks Heby 101, and everyone else for your thoughts.


Very cool, I like to think of it as kind of a matrix thing, is the world just made of lines of code?


If it were something that wasn't so cliche, I'd like it more.
Tell me what the title means?


Awesome shirt. I dig it. Great job! Would also look good on natural colored t-shirt.


I liked it!
It would look really cool on a shirt!


good spin on the tree thing...


I like it, except for the shirt colour.


Thanks everyone for voting. I'm pretty pleased with the results. Now to just wait and see. :)

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