LOL @ AA sizes.

Nope, this isn't the massive sizing blog (which I haven't been working on in a while since I've been on various holidays for about a month)... just a quick observation.

According to the size charts, Girly XL should be too small for me. In fact I wear a Girly L which is still incredibly baggy around my waist. And just out of curiosity, a few minutes ago I tried on the Girly S I bought for a friend of mine - and it fit me! Quite snugly, yes, but not even indecently tight. Just goes to show: size charts are weird.

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death by crayon

For some reason I thought this blog was going to be about boobies


Last night I very cunningly managed to make the boxy unfeminine AA shirts flattering to my hourglass figure: tuck excess fabric into the bra band!

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clever although i would imagine it would only work for pictures ;) You could talk someone into buying you a "Serger" type sewing machine. They're specifically for knit fabrics, they cut.. bind... and stitch in one shot.. all you need to do is mark out where you want the seam to be and cut along the line. I have one but unfortunately it's still in storage back in NJ.


It looked surprisingly good - there wasn't an obvious tuck-line because there was still some fabric wrinkling below the bust, and the main tuck was either hidden by my boob-shelf or my long hair. :) But I do plan on taking a lot of my shirts in so they're the right shape - I don't have a serger, but my old school has two, and I'm going to go in there and borrow one for a bit!

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Ahh that makes sense! I loved mine. Sorry for the explanation.. usually when I say serger people are like "huh?"

btw.. do you have an awesome british accent? I've always wondered.. I love them.. :) and whatever that great tea is you guys drink instead of coffee... yum!

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I didn't know Alcoholics Anonymous made shirts...


Don't worry about it, I only know about them because I did Textiles GCSE (and I only know they're also called sergers due to various recon communities - at school we called them interlockers).

Ahahaha! Um, I do have a British accent, but I don't know whether it's an awesome one or not. ;) It's a very middle-class one... And you mean Earl Grey, or English Breakfast? I drink both, lol. Though yesterday I had some really nice coffee too.

Aristarchus! It's been ages. You were away, weren't you? (I was too, but still...)


I think I saw you by the Ikea in Leeds? Yes/No?

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Yes, Vind, I was in Wisconsin (and other areas), and I got to see Threadless HQ... I have some blogs about it.

I missed you guys.

It's totally different making my assinine comments to people in the real world compared to how it is online.

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Aww Vinde! Every English accent is awesome! Compared to my non-existant American one. Although my one friend says I say "humans" wierd. lol.. he says it sounds like I'm dropping the "h" and saying "umans" but I just think he's hard of hearing :P I pronounce the "h"

Oh and about the tea my co-worker was asking me what type and brand of tea is consumed in England. She said she was visiting a bed and breakfast inn and a lady staying there gave her a teabag and she loved it but can't recall what it was. Only that the lady told her she ordered it from england. She said it was really dark and that she put cream in it like we do with coffee.

Hope you had a great vacation btw! Will you be around the blogs anymore?


Each shirt is different too...I can wear all girly small, medium, and yeah.


Espoz: nope, I've never been to Leeds. I guess we have a mysterious doppelganger situation on our hands!

Aristarchus: Awesome, I will have a read of them! :) It's nice to have you back and sweet that you missed the weird people who inhabit these forums like mutant seacreatures gathering around underwater hot geysers in the coldest depths of the ocean.

Pyralis: Haha, even Scouse or chav accents? ;) We don't all sound like we're friends with the royal family, you know. XD
Oh, um, not sure I can help you with the brand of tea... does she remember anything about the tea label? I'd say the classic brands of tea over here are Twinings, Fortnum & Mason, and Whittard's, if any of those ring a bell? I can't think of any specific types that are customarily served with cream...

Yeah it was really good :D Devon, Canada, and Ireland! And I'm back to stay. :)

Noodlegirl: Good point, the sizes do vary a lot within each named size...

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