• by seejaytee
  • posted Sep 12, 2007

Watch this

Wow that's really really neat!


thats pretty cool how you did that


erm... not sure this is printable. Isn't it a 'photograph'?


The big black area to the right is very distracting, even at the proper distance, it distracts from the image of the eye.


This is not a photograph but a hand drawn or hand traced half-tone image.

I worked a long time on it and it is about as good as I am willing to make it.

I have read the comment about the black spot on the side before and while I understand the comment, I am done fooling with this thing. If it bombs, so be it. I actually had fun making it and I like the way it came out.


If you did it by hand you did a great job! If you just used a software than you could've tweaked it a bit further. However, I would buy it.


maybe a bit smaller for people who are closer. and a small one on the back of the shirt would be cool. just at the top of the neck. but its cool. id buy it


I think a small one at the top of the back of the neck (as well as the big one on the front, obviously) would be cool.

What is the black spot at the right? just the shadow under the eyebrow?


This is excellent. I was thinking of doing a similar 'big' face... but it would not have matched this... well done.


the big black area does just kind of look like a blob


it took me a while to see the big eye, but that is incredible! maybe not on white though


very cool. really hope this gets printed


Thats kool i guess. if someone is walking towards you they might just understand the shirt


I keep reading comments about the "big blob".

What can I say? I am not really an artist. I just started with a halftone image of an eye and hand-traced it using the ellipse tool, dot-by-dot. Nobody in the critiques thought much of it so I got the idea of taking the entire image and using it as the basis for a larger version which I built again, dot-by-dot.

The large black area was in the original so i just drew it as I saw it. If someone has a better starting image or is more artistically inclined they might be able to render this better.

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"The big black area to the right is very distracting, even at the proper distance, it distracts from the image of the eye."


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This could be very interesting as part of a series of explorations in textures. As a tee I don't think it works very well, not to mention that the effect would probably be lost when it was screen printed as you would lose a large portion of the fine detail.

It's just not compelling to me as a design. I'm more interested in the gimmick of it than the substance.

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