so what's the deal with "But think of the albatrosses?"

Among my type t submissions there is the admittedly rather bewildering "But think of the albatrosses!" It's not just random/surreal, there is reasoning behind it, which you might know about if you know about green stuff, bird conservation and the problem with marine garbage.

Albatrosses pick up stuff off the ocean, take it home, feed it to their chicks. Great when it's a smelly fish, bad when it's a plastic toy, toothbrush or other bit of random plastic junk.

I Like my toys, but every time I pick up one in a shop nowadays, I find running through my head: But think of the albatrosses! There needs to be less plastic crap in the sea, which means there needs to be less in circulation, which means people need to stop buying it.

You can find a quantity of pictures like this one, of a dead baby albatross and its stomach contents, on the internet.

I think something based on the picture behind the link might also make a good t-shirt, but I think I'd be too sad to wear it.

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