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Struggling through a life of hard knocks, Fred thought he would never fullfill his thirst for life, until a young girl stumbled upon him and told him she was off to see a wizard, and gave him the promise of...brains...

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Struggling through a life of hard knocks, Fred thought he would never fullfill his thirst for life, until a young girl stumbled upon him and told him she was off to see a wizard, and gave him the promise of...brains...


i hate the art.. but love the idea...


ya, redo the art and i'd buy it. awesome concept but...


5ed and would buy it but I would prefer a different style of art


oh. the reason i choose this style is because it seemed impossible to get in the images with only 5 colors


This idea was submitted by someone else a couple of months back, and, well.... done much better


looks like a rough draft. its a really funny concept, but maybe clean up the design.


i love it .... just wish it wasn't on a white shirt

epika pubika

i like the sketchyness of this but its a bit much where they overlap. thats my only complaint

LaVette 99

I agree with the others. The idea is really good, but it needs better artwork.


Ok, I actually like the sketchyness, but here are my problems:

-Her shoes don't match the style, but I like that. It's just that I think they look a little choppy and could use an outline.

-The yellow-brick road should have sketchy bricks to tie the two styles together. Right now, it looks like it was added last minute.

If you fixed that, $5.

Salty Rubberbands

Really excellent idea, but Britawny hit my very own criticism right on the head. A little too stylized for me, and doesn't even maintain the style it's carrying.

If you could resubmit this with more solid looking art, a definate five. I DO like the style, but something about it is just TOO wild.


The style is the best part. Great concept, love the zombie, but what REALLY makes me want this is the fact it IS on white, and drawn crudely on purpose. I'm sick of seeing tattoo artists submitting shirt designs. This would fit my wardrobe to a T. Pun intended? 5!


ditto: love the idea, not crazy about the execution.


and dead toto on the back confuses the story for me.


oh, i'm sorry, i just wanted to kill toto. that's all. I guess you could think the zombie got needed a snack? Or maybe toto was just being a little bitch and needed to be popped off? maybe toto didn't pay the zombie his dope money on time? use your imagination...


HAHA! I got the toto detail a-ok. I love your style. Very original. Funny concept too. 5


I like it. The characters are easily recognizable and the style is consistent. It's too bad there was a similar one, but I like yours.


I love it, five bux for sureski. The style is what makes it great!


dont like the picture but love the concept!


haha this shirt is awesome. $5! and i'd definately buy it


i love it. And i really like the style the art is. It's not what you normally see plastered on a shirt. all the characters look so plucky-and then you've got the zombie! I'd buy this any day. And i love the dead toto-i always hated that damn dog!


The style is very unique and independent. Why settle for a norm when you have the creativity to make something different?


concept - $5
design $1

dude i love the art... love the idea... but hay fever does really nail this concept... but clearly there is something about this design that is really attractive..


screw those idiots, the art is great


thanks to everyone for their comments. I'm glad to see that actually quite a few people like it (which makes me pleased). When I submitted it I even thought "i bet someone did this before" and sure enough- someone had. But they're different takes on the same idea I feel (or rather, different interpretations). So yeah! Thanks again to everyone! i appreciate it! I really do!


I love the idea, great! i like the drawing style for it too.


This t-shirt is really creative and I'm glad Toto died!


mmmmm, draw it better, then maybe-
but I love love love the concept

Not Carbon Dog

Oh my gentile jesus i laughed so hard when i saw this shirt and few things on the internet make me actually laugh out loud like in that guffaw kinda out of breath laughter. I love the concept and layout, dead toto is hilarious. I'd buy this shirt in a heartbeat.

I actually do like the artwork. If you feel the need to change it so-be-it however the zombie better still be shouting BRAINS or i will come after you.

Not Carbon Dog

Imho, the way the wizard of oz should have really been filmed. So amazing.


hahahaha i like it. i like the art, just not the yellow strip cause its not consistent with the sketch. maybe just sketch in the bricks in yellow?


sketching in the bricks in yellow is actually not at all a bad idea. if i have to redo any part of it THAT would be the thing I'd do. I was considering doing the bricks as a block of yellow with white separating it, but that feels too overwhelming still. I like the idea of just sketching bricks (probably as outlines, like the rest). Why thank you!


this is great. love the style, love the joke.


I like the zombie with the group, but just not that toto had to die for it. I think i'd give it a 5$ if it weren't for that detail.

Keaton Kohl

Love the idea! The art isn't so great

neon electric

I actually like the sketchy style. Great design!


this is sweet! I like dorothy the best..


dorothys the best! i like this desgin! $4


dorothy's the best! $4

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