• by JustinPM
  • posted Sep 10, 2007

So I wake up to find this awesome shirt, and I say "Oooh, gots to have that one." Not to be. I rally for a reprint!

Watch this

Reprint! c'mon we need more printed in mens medium they sell out so quick!!
and this design is genius!


There's definitely something wrong when all the men's sizes sell out the day the design is released. Print more, Threadless!


Same here. I saw this shirt in the morning, and told myself I'd think it over. (I tend to be an impulse buyer - something I'm trying to fix.) By the time I check back, all the mediums are sold out!


i wanna buy this shirt but why is it out so fast for men's sizes? i am sure it is released today and i don't believe it sold out so fast!


Ridiculous. I can't believe it sold out that fast. Rally the troops. this NEEDS a reprint.


omg, that was quick :|


This must be a Threadless sales-speed record!!

Can anyone remember ANYTHING selling out (all mens sizes) this fast?


Wow, I'm so glad I'm a girl.


they need to have more stock of mediums always, its getting crazy....everytime i see something i want its sold out!!!


Yeah, they definitely need to print more mediums in the first batch - especially for such a brilliant design like this one that got a pretty high rating.


I also vote for more prints of medium size!
The best chance to buy a shirt is on the first 3 days after it is announced.
After that ... it's usually out of stock!

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