Skinny Dip

  • by benROACH
  • posted Sep 10, 2007

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umm no
not at all


bloody terrible shirt.

what? you think people will buy it just because it has a half naked girl on the front?

zero for sure!


It took me thirty five minutes to figure out there were palm trees in this design....ha*


there's palm trees?


You can already see some ghetto moron with his gleaming grille wearing this in a video. Awesome.

caleb haws

that chick looks pregnant.


wow. and talk about strategic placement! haha

the design is nice. just.. not threadless.


at least she actually HAS an ass.
but it doesn't really do anything for me.
it's just a showcase of some girl's butt.

; |


Not really art, IMO. You can see that too many places for free these days...but with a tattoo on it. Most gals won't wear it, and will run away from any guy wearing this. So, if a guy actually wears this, what is he really saying? I don't want to know!



LOVE THE ASS - nice work sir


Really nice design, but i'm giving it a one for marketing it to the wrong audience.


ya... i cant wear that in school, or at work, or around any of those uptight girl friends... deffinately aimed at a male audiance who are lie 15 and only think with the small head


i like how all the women are against it, you can put nudes in art, but not a girl taking off her clothes... i give 3 for having the balls, but i actually dont really like the shirt


if this culture weren't so sexually repressed, nobody would ever feel compelled to even make something like this. It's sort of fascist to say flat out this is not art but I agree that only 15 year old boys that are half retarded would ever want to wear this. I'll give it a 2.

epika pubika

...ew. but nice style. just the wrong content


Not my thing to wear, but the art is good, although the trees are a bit flat, wondering what those stars are for next to her left hand!

You'll get grief for this, but it does have a target audience, especially when you consider a global market, there are alot of very liberal places smattered throughout the world.

Personally I would keep it on the trim, make it smaller so its not so gregarious and saying 'look at me - look at me'!

Again congrats on your cahonies! 3


no no no


"Stay classy San Diego."

The Studio

A+ good job. Id wear this just to spite everyone for making such a big deal about it.


wow so many people are uncomfortable about thier body and other peoples bodies, i would prefer to be naked so i think you all have an idea of what i think about this shirt,


i'm certainly not offended by the shirt, i just don't think it's a threadless look


Superb! $5. :)

The Jolly Brewer

This is a well done design. I quite like it, ok I wouldn't wear it myself but I think some people would. All you zero givers, look at the artwork, it's well done and the composition is pretty good to. This deserves a 3, minimum. I'm giving a 4 because I quite like it.

Yeah, this won't get printed on threadless because basically they are all prudes!




i think that "The Jolly Brewer" has say all that it's important, and (because I agree) i give 4 too


ha! well... this is quite the list of comments. pretty much what i expected, but i just thought i would throw this design out there even though it's not your "typical threadless shirt."

didn't mean to offend anyone, thanks for the comments!


I like your style, and I'm not offended by the subject matter (and ohnoes, a woman who is okay both with showing nudes in art and with showing removal of clothing in art), but I don't think I'd wear this. 3 though.


id rather wear a penis trunk


I love it and wish that it would get printed. Sadly I know it won't


lol karinachavez. I agree.

No. Just no.


I'm a girl and although I wouldn't wear the shirt and like it said above I would probably not talk to a guy wearing this shirt.... but it really is a good design.


Good gracious, ass bodacious!

wonderwillow what?

that said it is a really beautiful illustration. i'm quite jealous of her ass, and my pulse may be slightly faster than it was a minute ago.

who would actually wear this. in public i mean? beefy testosteroney roided out bouncer types that think they're hot? idk.

sorry, not to be mean, but i am a bit confused abotu the target audience.


nice ass, but not to be displaced on my wardrobe.
I guess this could become the #1 seller among the low IQ people...



Huhuhuh. It's still a but. Uhuhuhuh.


I think it's a top design.

All the people voting 0 are a bit stupid if you ask me - it's great work. Maybe it's not tshirt material, but it's still not a 0. It gets a big fat 5 from me, but no buy.


Do the stars represent a cute little fart this fine mama is letting go out of her bikini bottoms? I think that is why she is pulling them down.. to let the bit of stink out. I love it!

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