For those who had order probs

If you got more than one shipment of your order, etc, what did threadless send you? I know a gc, but for how much? I'm just wondering because I've been watching my 36 packages via UPS and two of them still say 'In transit.' So I'm wondering if two will arrive today...

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Tess Fondie

bwahahaha how akward would that be if threadless sent you 36 of the same shirt


why the frick do you have 36 packages?!!!


typo maybe...


See previous blog I posted.
I just had 36 UPS orders that said 'billing info received'
but two are still showing as 'in transit'


I had no problems with my 2 orders


I guess I'll know later today


No one has an answer to my question?

Tess Fondie

well i dont get it, so you're wondering if threadless did send you 36 shirts for the price of one, you want money when you return them?

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  1. hahaha. ouch. i hope they didn't send out that many.

    my order still says it's being packaged but it's been like that for a couple of days. it probabaly shipped out so i'm just waiting for it to get here. :)

i had the same problem...i only got 2 emails but when i check the UPS website it says i have 3 packages.......

i received the email that my order was shipped last week but nothing has showed up yet.......the tracking numbers don't help either.......all 3 packages have the same status "Billing Information Received"......



I got all these emails about my order being shipped. UPS showed I had 36 packages coming, but I was told by threadless already that I should only be receiving one and being charged once. However, although 34 of them are still showing 'billing info received' (meaning those aren't coming to me), two of them are showing 'in transit' though. Saying they will both be arriving today. So basically, I'm wondering if I'm getting one package today, or two, and what I should do/what threadless will be doing if I DO receive two.


if you get 2 just send 1 back...i'm sure they'll reimburse the shipping cost just like they do for defective items......

at least yours appear to be on the way.....Threadless says mine shipped.....UPS says they've only received the billing information.....and the shirt i ordered has since sold out.....

oh well....

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check if the tracking number is the same, might be a duplicate post of the same package, meaning youre still only getting one


Nope, it's two different tracking numbers.

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