Wow! Don't ever,ever wash your shirts in anything but cold/cold. And dry on low or hang. I did once and they are all one size too small now. Big mistake

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how bad did they shrink, because i have a large that is a tad too big for my liking (bought my first two shirts like a week ago, and i wasnt sure what size to get, so i got a medium and a large).


I wash mine in cold/cold and hang dry. They've held up well doing it that way even my ladies XL. My most recent purchases have been Guys Medium because they're a little more comfortable than the Girls XL.


It shrunk one size. I have continued to wash them in cold/cold and dry on low and they have not shrunken anymore.

jet approves

i just get girly xl knowing they'll shrink to fit me.


good tip carriemaciolek, guys shirts cost less too dont they?

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Any drying... even on low will shrink the AA tees.

I usually wash mine in cold but occationaly use a warm/cold cycle and never have had a problem. The only time problems arise was the one time I put them in the dryer and they shrunk a full size too small.

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