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You might be on to something here. But I think the excution needs a lot of work. maybe some details in the shadow of the rider and some fat spinners for rims on the big wheel. I just find it a little plain and flat.


I love the word play :) If you could work a little detail into the body (perhaps using the grey from the hat & shadow), it could be better.

As it is, I think there's just a little too much black and it looks, as bird75 said, a little plain and flat. I like the design though :)



This is a great concept, but I think it needs more work so 4 for now


This definitely reminds me of the song, "The Way I Live". It's an awesome idea, but I also agree with bird75, the execution of the idea still needs work. It is very flat, but that isn't always such a bad thing, it's just the solid blocks of color. Maybe a few little details of the blue, red, or yellow could be added into the figure, to break up the space a little more. The gray is kind of distracting, because all of the other colors are so bold, and the gray is so much lighter, making it look kind of like a negative space.


this is awesome but i wanna see more about the rider: chains, tattoos rings n' such
please it would rule the site


i agree more work.. crazy early 90s colors though!


I'll post another with more detail...


damn! is that what i looked like on the big wheel? i wuz a bad ass 6 year old!


Also, grey is a dull color on a t-shirt.


Really great concept, the crits you've received have been spot on. I would add that you should take out the "thumbs up" on the biker when you revise this.


i agree with bird75... more detail. cool concept though.


Oh how I loved my big wheel.


I think it's pretty cool the way it is. 5. More modern and flat is part of the idea I thought. Adding more detail will reduce it to a mere joke and being real graphic and vague make it more than that.
The one problem I have is what's going on with his shoulder on the right? And the shoulder on the left look too narrow.


That is a pretty good idea. Give the guy a bit more detail and it is gold.


Great idea. I would have liked to se this as more of an Easy Rider kind of picture. Perhaps with two cycles? I also think that a bit more detail would do wonders for your score.

T and M

I agree with the above. More detail all around. I'd watch how the shape edges are. Some are clean and some have a childlike feel. Nice idea.

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With a little more work , this could be a winner. Hell, I could be a winner anyways.

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