• by mildish
  • posted Sep 05, 2007

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all killuh no filluh

is this supporting same sex marriage?

Cause if it is, it's a clever way. :D eh, even if it isn't its cute.

4, because i really don't get it.


well in that totally classic board game, The Game of Life, you get a little car with pink and blue pegs to stick in it


it's a car from the game life...
with two blue people [men]...
i don't understand it.
and it's a little too simple for my tastes
and maybe different placing on the shirt?
maybe next time.


love it, though will HRC get pissed if you use their logo? (they can be awfully touchy)


LOVE IT! WOO! It probaly wont win though


i like it in pink :)


Nice shirt! I used to love that game!


I love this game, and I was playing it the other day in this bar and I insisted on have two pink pegs. $5 $5 $5
Although ivywillow is probably right about the HRC.

T tees

there should be a version thats straight, or else this is only going to sell to a few people


yay. i've been doing that with my pegs for years! i want this shirt!
and, mr. T tees, i am not gay nor am i a boy and i would still wear this. "a few people" does not constitute the mass of people that are gay/bisexual/or supporters of both. you should be well informed.


they look like penises


yea is it supporting same sex marrige??
maybe change that cause even tho i do i wont wear that shirt


I love that it's supporting same sex marriage. I do this with my Life pegs.


You need a pink pair shirt too!


Ok, just clicked "Next"

Very cool! 5


i am not gay, but i would rock this shirt. i love it i think it is awesome all i played when i was little was life.

however, i would like to know if this did have any connotations in that manner, because i didn't even think of the gay thing until i read the comments

renfrue profile pic Alumni

they should be driving thru wine country

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Of course it has something to do with people being gay. the men's shirt has two men figures in the front and the ladies's tee has two women in the front- the same front of the car used to denote the husband and wife in the original game of Life. Geez people! lol. I really dig this game and the drawing, i just wish the concept didn't go for gay but instead for an awesome situation with the pieces.... if the car had landed on a bankrupt spot below it, and instead of the station wagon the car was a beetle or another old beat up jalopy that a whole family was riding around in. Or something.

caleb haws

yeah. it's always a mistake to put shirts on here with real life, legitimate messages and stances: very few people would wear them. i'm not one of those people, either... :-P


the pins should be done better i think ;]



Didn't stop Gay Pride from being designed and selling well.


Yay! $5!


I like this game! =) 4
Straight version, please. I would not buy this one.


love it, but I think that you should loose the HRC logo. that'd make most of our anti gay friends have to think a bit harder to get it


The sticker is the equality sticker. It's supposed to support same sex marriage in a fun way. With teh game of life cars and peg people.


Very smart and well designed. I am a propponent of a more is less design anyway. Nice work!


brilliant! i'm straight, and i'd still buy it.

mildish profile pic Alumni

i like the suggestion of maybe getting rid of the sticker... it leaves it more open to interpretation that way. what do you guys think?

thanks for all of the feedback, i love to hear it.




mildish, without the sticker = better


I love this...I was playing LIFE recently and commented on how it was heterosexist...

dr. johnzo

i've been playing life, and i think that i'm losing.


That's effing RAD!


i really like...very clever


Cool idea, and it's well done too. If I recall correctly, though, the people pegs are a little more detailed; I think they have arms. And it might be better without the sticker. I don't think it needs to be more obvious than it is, and there could be problems with using that image.


What if you had three cars - one both blue, one both pink, one blue and pink? The would get more buyers, I think.

mildish profile pic Alumni

actually, in every set i've ever played the people pegs are just like they are drawn here. just pegs. they could have more definition or shading if desired, but they are kept simple here so the shirt color can determine the peg color (see the 'next' button).

thanks for all of the comments everyone, please keep them coming!


so creative in it's simplicity. a great statement.


I love the design and colors. Especially the detail of the sticker on the bumper but if you remove that, you should replace it with a rainbow sticker or something. That was what made the concept sing for me otherwise it's just a car with some pegs in it. Love the palette and the design.


This is made of win! I miss this game, i hope this gets printed!


WAY COOL! This not only supports gay marriage, but forces the question of gender roles etc. 5++!!


What would be the point of a straight one?


i always lose at the game of life....

this is a good shirt.


take the HRC sticker off - totally not necessary. The design without the sticker is simplistic beauty. Take the sticker off I would buy more than one!!!

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