The Origin of Crop Circles

Watch this

I think you just need the last one. But a great dea :)


That's idea. Damn keyboard.


awesome, but just the last UFO is needed.


love it! and disagree with the other comments, like the way the compass is coming down like the lasery thing to beam people up!


Yeah, just the last one is great! This is so awesome.


Just the first and last, or the last one and you have a winner.

Neon Samurai

Nice. I like the progression though, I'd keep all four UFOs.


How bout a picture of a crop formation with the UFO & compass finishing it off?


Nice. solid $3

Alex M. Solefish

I would also keep all four UFOs; great progression. 5

Seabasss profile pic Alumni

great concept


I really like your idea! I think it would be great if you had just the last UFO, but a little larger and more detailed... maybe a few more colors (imho).


i came back to say the progression is very important, so keep it!
the tee will look a bit weird with just one or two UFOs, unless they are enlarged a great deal. the balance is much better this way. with the two middle pictures, you could still be thinking "death ray" or something until you see the last one, and that is what makes it funny.


if there was only one people would be saying it was too simple...nice work, the progression works well and gives the piece balance and clear understanding of the idea...

neon electric

ooo glow in the dark. i like it.

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

Man I hated using compasses but this shirt is cute. I'd just say that it'd be nice to get rid of the other 3 UFOs but the last one and actually show a field and a farm that the UFO is um...well..."compassing".


coolness. and i love glow in the darks!


Great design, I find very important the progression too, I like that it is very absurd if you miss the title, the instrument coming out from the it, 5


made me laugh.. great idea but I don't know if you need all four illustrations. Maybe just the final one (with more detail/color),

Resub or collab to make a winner!


Awesome, maybe just keep the last one? 5


awesome idea -- as it is now, you need to keep the four images, otherwise it just might not make sense. If you were to go all out and make it much more detailed with the field and everything.. you could get away with one image.
Personally, though I really like the simplicity of this, and I love the feeling of movement you get with the process.



I think it's clear without the first three images. Simplicity makes it a quicker joke with the same umph. And I'm not crazy about glow in the dark "ink".


quite clever! well done!


yup! just the last one


hmm I think it's work both as is and if you just had the last image.


I like all 4 of them being there. I think it's great. You could add a hint of a field beneath though. I'm not talking about any major detailing or anything, just a a sketchy field. The field should not be glow in the dark though.


haha i like it ^_^ i'd wear it.


without all four it would be too plain.


i like it better with just the 4th one

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

This is a fantastic idea, but i think the last one is all you need, but with a crop background, having a bunch behind the ship as already having been done. Or have a bunch of these ships in processes of having them done in the background and foreground. Still, very funny stuff that needs a bit of reworking.

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