Love Factory

Watch this

its nice, but needs something...hmmm


I think it's cute, even though I'm not really a fan of peace signs on shirts.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

All the smoke stacks could be putting out a similiar kind of smoke pattern, but in different colors. Then make them all meet up as they float to the right. I would love this so much more if you did've got more colors to play with...


good cxoncept, but the factory needs to be more than just a basic outline.


i agree with frickinawesome, that would be TOTALLY rad.

OR, if you don't do that, i think this would be kickass on a yellow background.


oh, i wish somehow this applied more to global warming than peace and love.

besides that, the cloud is very well done, but the factory is so... one-dimensional. it has nothing going on, just a few lines. could be improved.


could of done without the peace signs =]


i like! maybe the outline darker but cool nontheless


i really like frickinawesomes idea, i can also make the factory a darker shade

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