what is it with the silver?

  • by athens
  • posted Sep 03, 2007

this is a very nice design, but it is lost printed on the silver t-shirt. Nearly all designs printed on silver are sacrificed - was there a big special on silver tees or something? It's really a shame to have this site be all about the designs and then dull some really beautiful designs by printing them on such a blah colour tee. Please, threadless, give more thought to the colour of tee for each winning design!

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The original design - that so many people fell in love with (including myself) - was on silver.

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I think it's more enchanting (as someone else said on another blog) in the silver.


I like the silver shirts overall, but this is another design which has a richness that is lost when it's put on a lighter background as opposed to a darker one. (Another example is FrequenCity [althought that is on asphalt not silver.])


I agree with zzybalooga, the design is much richer on the dark blue. I don't want to buy it on the silver, but I'd probably buy it on the blue.


this is a very nice design, but it is lost printed on the silver t-shirt.

would that explain the guys small/medium sizes being sold out?


Ladykat, thanks for the info and the link. But to get really picky, if you put the original submission (the link you posted) next to the silver colour shown on the for sale page, the original is more blueish (ciel) coloured, while the silver is more grey. Unless my monitor is playing tricks on me. The clouds, their reflections, and the skirt are more dull against the silver. I prefer the men's shirt colour.

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