ok. enough with the cream shirts.

  • by pyxeegrrl
  • posted Sep 03, 2007

so i bought it anyway b/c for various reasons i NEEDED it - but really, i'm not buying another single cream colored shirt, really, enough already, really (and am i wonky in the head, or do the cream girly shirts just fit weird?)

Watch this

I don't know about the fit - because I've never ordered a cream shirt from threadless - but I've noticed that a lot of awesome designs I love are being printed on lighter colored tees. And it makes me weep.


I hate this color too. it looks terrible on me.

classicoke profile pic Alumni

thanks for buying.... im bummed that so many of you feel that it sucks in one way or another but still.. thanks


@ pleaseplease don't get me wrong! i LOVE this shirt - that's why i bought it... just sad that it was done up on the cream and not one of the other colors... but i still love it!!!


I love the design too! but would have loved it BETTER if it was on another colour :D

the czar

Yeah I don't love the color wither, but I still bought this, first shirt I have bought in months. Very interesting. Nice job CC.


are you kidding? There are not enough cream/natural shirts. It seems like everything is printed on either blue, red, or heather grey. Yuck!

unicorns and rainbows

I agree. I love the design but natural just doesnt look good on me at all! For that reason I'm not going to buy it because I fear I wont ever wear it :(

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