Are tiny obscure pieces of poop lucky?

  • by ntopp
  • posted Sep 03, 2007

There seems to be a little piece of poop between the lucky cat and the lucky seven. Is poop some forgotten, but potent symbol of wild luck? Or am I maybe mistaking it for something else?

(Please don't get me wrong. It's a lovely shirt. I'm just curious about this particular thing.)

EDIT!! It has come to our attention that the pile's not poop, but rather, it is a little pile of scratchings from the lucky seven (presumably scratched off by the lucky cat).

Watch this

Its scratchings from the lucky number 7. It does look a tad like jobbies though


Oh! Good eye! And here I though the lucky cat dropped a deuce.

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I thought stepping in shit was supposed to be lucky too. Or maybe that's just having a pigeon shit on you.

Hey, when feces from another person or animal gets on you, you GOTTA make some good out of it, you know?


For some reason in Japan if you have a dream about taking a poop it means you're gonna be lucky. Yeah I don't get it either, but that's what I've heard.

Oh I found this somewhere while googling just now... "In Japanese, apparently "unko" can either mean "shit" or "lucky boy." Talk about confusing!"
That makes sense! 運 (un) is luck and 子 (ko) is child/boy. =)

Lol, weird.


there is also a day in japan (i don't remember which day) where you throw beans out the window/door to ward off the evil spirits for the year and to bring luck into your house. maybe it is this rather than the whole poo thing.


there's an online store -i think it's called and they sell cell phone charms and funny little toys, and they make a cell phone charm that's called "lucky golden shit." it's just a tiny pile of gold shit (exactly what the name suggests) who knows, maybe that is lucky shit on this shirt.


Ok, I'm worried now, does no one get that it's a four leaf clover? Or are you all just joking now and I'm the dumb one?
It's kind of an icky colour, however. I guess it's a four leafed clover in August.


i don't know about lucky poop, but it does look like the horse shoe and the wishbone are in love.


Ohhhhhhhhh, between the cat and the seven! I think the cat is scratching the seven and those are little pieces of it coming off. The cat is mean.


i thought the 4 leaf clover was a muffin at first.

i like the blond braids on the horseshoe.


I thought is was blood coming form the foot - like it's foot is getting cut off. Maybe "lucky rabbits foot"??


I was going to buy this shirt in the sale, but didn't because of that stupid pile =(

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I thought it was a near sighted, pigeon-toed Alaskan tobacco farmer hell bent on revenge after his daughter married a butcher from St Croix who's daily special of pork intestine jerky was a tad pricey for the locals

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