Hey guys.

I've been doing graphic designs for awhile now, and I'm starting to want to get into T-shirt designs. I was wondering how helpful a tablet would be? Would a good scanner and good old pencil and paper be better? I was looking at a tablet at Best Buy yesterday, it was a $15 wacom 4x5 (I believe). Is this any good?

Any help would be sweet.


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i'd suggest starting off with just the pencil and paper - scanning it and altering/coloring the drawing in photoshop or illustrator.
the tablet works differently than a mouse and is a little tricky at first AND from my personal experience it is easier the bigger the tablet is. i think that getting comfortable with your drwing style and how you work in the programs is important, then once you're comfortable with working with what you have, go for a tablet.

that's just my 2 cents, hope it helps :)

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