Banjo Man

Watch this

its wierd but i like it

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Besides a slight alteration of the color, this is NO different than the last sub and barely different than the sub before that. If those other ones didn't score well then, why would this now? I'm just wondering if you meant to submit this to Critiques or something. Anyway it looks too much like the guy with the apple in front of his face and it's just sort of plain.


You saved me lot of typing Kookaberry.


I liked it before and I like it now. A cool tribute to Magritte and I would buy it.


Hat's moved up. That's all it needed.

Shaun M Utter

yes i know its the same as one of my other submissions, but i got alot of comments last time about the brim of the hat, so i figured i'd fix that and submit it again

and i know i should submit it as a critique and i have (with all of my submissions) but no one ever comments on my critiques, i actually get a lot better critique from submitting it as a shirt in the running


I love Magritte, I love banjos, and so i love this shirt.

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i love banjo man. I just wish at this point he were more detailed and there would be something else in the design to tie it all together and give me a reason to vote $ and wanna wear this. Maybe next time?


This is a lot like counting crows man with the fishbowl face. =/


I like the deisng, just not the shirt color


I have a problem with the banjo overlapping the hat on the right side.

I like the idea behind the design. It reminds of that Carlos Sanchez dealy.

I love love loveeee this!


It's been done...over and over.


I Love This So Much.
Id Prefer It On A Brighter Color Of Shirt Though.


I really like the creative simplicity to this one.


this would be amazing if the dude was in the center and more of his body could be down to bottom of the shirt


5$ VALUE, nice placement too.


I was thinking the same thing...what was said about the Counting Crows image with the fish bowl face.


Makes me think of Pink Floyd for whatever reason (cover of WYWH maybe??)

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