Illustrator Troubleshooting: Resizing images AND lines

I've tried looking around the internet for an answer to my problems, but can't seem to find it! (Maybe I use the wrong keywords?)

This is the issue:
In illustrator I have images that are made out of shapes and lines. When I group and resize them, the lines continue to stay at their original thickness instead of staying consistent with the drawing. (For example: say a line thickness is at 2 and I want to resize to 5000%. The line will be 5000 times bigger, but the thickness wil stay at 2.)

Is there a box I can click or a function I can use to have the thicknesses remain consistent when I resize? Thanks in advance for any help I can get!


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tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

on the Transform palette, click the arrow in the corner and select "Scale Strokes & Effects"


Thanks SO MUCH, you guys!

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