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I wanna it! :c)


this is very cute, not sure i like the colours...


awesome concept ! and well executed

the striped sky is beautiful and the negative space for the mountains looks fantastic


Very well done! This should be a print. A print I will wear and buy for my dino-phile brother as well. $5 X 2


I really like this! Love the colors!! $5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

This is really wonderful. The perspective is amazing and all the little details are so much fun to inspect. My only suggestion is have the shirt and the ground blend into one another, or have the shirt and the sky do the same, and maybe increase the size of the design by 30 percent. 4$

Juliano Caetano

Thank you all the comments and the suggestion.


Great design, but it seems really similar to the "Gold Rush!" shirt already for sale by Christopher Buchholz(amazing artist by the way...). Otherwise I "dig" it. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


I REALLY love this. 5$


quite clever and one of a million designs I don't think 99% of passersby will get, but would wear anyway. Benefits of being a waitress: people are forced to look at your clothes, particularly those clothes covering your girly parts, and then feel the need to comment. I get lots of comments on my T-less Ts.


Ugly colors. Cute shirt.


This is amazing. I'm completely in love with it and would like to buy five of them right now.

Clare Nesmith

Can the design be a bit bigger on the shirt? I'm voting 5 anyway but I'd prefer it bigger.


Awesome! But not sure about the colors either... 5 points anyway!


I really like the idea. It's funny, because in my Global class we were just talking about how people discover fossils by just tripping on them.


Very nice. And I like the colors!


very nice, would definatly wear this one!! $5


It doesn't matter that he's so close. He wouldn't know a fossil if he sat on one. :P

Very clever. Much love. ^_^


sooo great. would love it on a sweatshirt. $5


ooo i love it!! love the concept and the execution and everything! great job


Really nice, well-designed and cool style! $5.


lol, awesome. at first i was gonna say that it should all be sort of down in a hole that he's been digging because i didn't notice that those trunk-looking things were the holes he's been digging. wish that was more obvious maybe.


very cool idea/design, agree that the dug out holes should be more obvious - they do look like trunks! also second the comment about blending top and/or bottom of print. but overall very very clever.


great! $4

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