Big Bad Belly

Watch this

thats just great.


im sure its very obvious and im an idiot but could i get a description of what this one has to do with Jesus?
u are nucking futs and its great


Jesus? Where? I see little red riding hood, are you looking at the same t-shirt?


No Jesus in this one. This one is about the starving children of South Dakota. They need our help to fight the oppression against Nort Dakota.

epika pubika

how does it take any thought to get whats going on here???? have you people forgotten your childhood?? (hahah no pun intended)


I love the idea but i really dislike the illustration. Grandma looks like a grandma but so does lil' red. Or maybe in this version of the story Red has that aging disease some children are afflicted with.

Fix the illustration and I'd give it a 5


What makes the little girl look old? Super curly hair? If thre's somethign wrong alot of people notice I'm on it. If it doesn't get anywhere or the "that girl looks like an old lady" comment comes up a lot I'll totaly fix it.


yeah.. I agree with bunnyfufu.
the girl does look a bit aged :P

also, i thought the scarf around Grandma's neck looked like blood. it took me a few seconds and some zooming in to realize it was supposed to be a scarf.


the execution of the characters is off. for me at least. interesting idea though.


i LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea
but i think ur characters need to be changed- more cartoony and 2D and clearer to see


If anyone can tell me what makes the little girl look old I'd be more than happy to fix it. I don't see where the old is, but I wanna.


it might be the red lines under her eyes and too much cross-hatching. the chin-line could be a lot lighter.


the lines on her hands look wrinkle-y too


not to be obsessive, but her lips look old too. Not cupid's bow-like but more old lady with too much lipstick.

marvelous marvin

Big Bad is one hell of a wolf if he swallowed these two whole. Didn't his mamma tell him to chew 25 times before swallowing?
Neat idea.


That was perfect advice from bunnyfufu. Be obsessive. It's fine. After this one has had it's week I'll do whatever revision.


she looks so old because she appears in the make-up of a middle-aged slut (no offense intended). her face really makes her look so much older, and it seems too large for the rest of her body. she almost has the proportions of a dwarf, not a little girl. try to make her look more innocent. i think giving her a cherubic nose would help, along with make-up removal and wide eyes.

i can see you obviously have talent, so i'm sure it can be fixed. i'm not sure why you put so little detail into the stomach. it really brought your score down a lot with me, because you clearly worked hard on the red riding hood and grandma but probably spent five minutes on the rest. we know you can do better!


This is ridiculous. Now go design something that really depicts the savage, senseless war of South Dakota (good guys) vs. North Dakota (evil rapists, terrorists).


Long request. Longer response.

I wanna keep the sad eyes. Keep them closed. The slutty makeup was to help her face be desernable from a distance since they are comprably small. Would I get the complaint "I can't see her face" if it de-redded? I don't mind sacrificing that really if it matters so much, I'm just afraid of it looking too solid since I have limited color options.

The purportion of the head is a new complaint. The original issue was the cross hatching. The cross hatching was created in the intent of it looking old-timey storybook, but it appears there demad is that it looks more solid graphic design.

Is it really that easy to tell when she's sitting down all tight like that? The nose is too small to matter. If I changed it no one would notice unless I pointed it out or they really had a thing for noses. It's pretty round as it is.

The reason I put little detail into the stomach is to keep it from being too busy. This isn't one of those peices I want people to have to look at for a long time. Just "here's the pun" and you're done. It took me more like a minute to do the stomach, but it wasn't laziness. I really don't want to take the focus off the grandma and the girl, and kept the stomach solid like a Tums commercial. It was a choice but if it I start hearing a lot of people say "I want to see the details of the stomach lining and I'll give you a 5" I'll suck it up and make it busy. I just wouldn't want it that way. The stomach isn't the focus.

I know I cave in to feed back, but that's the freelancer in me. I made it the way I wanted, but I start to give in once I hear something that I can agree with or....the same thing a lot.

Thanks for the feedback. Keep it coming.


for me its more the angularity of her face that makes her look old (so the eyebrows, cheeks, etc.)... as well as the large eyelashes and the pouting red lips

make her look younger though and I'd buy!


It seems to me the most common "old" problem is her face being too overdone. Too many signs of makeup. If this doesn't make I'm gonna replace some of the colors with pink since I have room for one more color. Watering it down seems like an answer, but I really like this one so I don't want it to slip through the cracks.


oh this is quite the awsomeness :]




Haaaaa...very clever! I'd totally buy/wear it


Yeah ! So good :)


I love this. 4$


fantastic design mate!!$5


i think the idea is amazing..
the design could use some work.



Bah. I still like it the way it is. But if it's a no go this week I'm totally gonna revise and resend. (I know I keep saying that but it's true.) I really likes this one special...that and it's getting good comments for the concept. Anyone steal, I beat you up!

Alex M. Solefish

I got it immediately, and I think that it's a great concept, but I would want the stomach to have more detail, or at least be a little more similar in style to the characters. Maybe a little bigger so that easier to see. I'd love to see your re-sub.


love this concept


I think mostly it's the squinty eyes and make up on red that makes her look old. Maybe too pronounced of lines too. I really like the concept though.

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