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Hi, im kinda new to this but was wondering how much the average large / medium shirt shrinks after a warm or cold wash and dry. I know this is kind of a dumb question, hell it's a retarded question but i didnt want to bu a shirt and not be able to wear it because it shrank too much.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. And measurements of the some shirts after wash would make me love you =]

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Well... mine have not shrunk consistently, but they do pretty much shrink a size. I started out buying mediums but went up to a large after shrinkage concerns.


I always buy a size bigger because I think they shrink to close to a size smaller. I wear a M in most things, so I buy the girly L... it's big until I wash it. Then it's perfect.


Ok, thanks for the input cause i was afraid of buying something i wouldnt fit into after. But if it's not too much of a hassle could i get some measurements of a washed large width and length from anybody please? It would be much appreciated.


I haven't noticed much shrinkage, actually.

But then again, I've been buying Guys Large tees, and brooke and presumably PolarVrtX have been getting the Girly ones.

Guys are 50/50 FotL, whereas Girly are 100% cotton AA. So not surprisingly, the latter shrink more.

The one really good thing you can say about FotL is that they don't shrink appreciably.

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Yep, the girls' tees do tend to shrink... But I don't think it's as much if you're just buying guys' fotl.


i c.. thanks for the input guys, and girls?


i like the way my shirts shrink. i think my Ms fit like a M should fit

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