• by Ryanpeq
  • posted Aug 29, 2007

Watch this

don't get it, but it's a nice design and I like the placement (front and back). The back is awesome.




i get it, he's getting the pig drunk so it won't be scared of the canon, right? or just cause know... a drunk pig.


Just for anyone who wants in on the "joke" here - the idea comes from a series of stills I found from a mockumentary about early Russian space travel.

Basically, some soviet engineers respectfully get a pig drunk on wine and then shoot him into the atmosphere (he lives). I thought the idea was hilarious and after taking a few liberties with the concept, this shirt was born.

I tried to make the design interesting enough that people would like it, even if they didn't necessarily get it right away, and I tried to make the basic concept of pig + wine + cannon translate even without knowledge of the origin.

This is an awful lot of words about a shirt, I realize, but I like this one and I'd like to see it do well. I hope you guys like it too!

Edward J Grug III

I've seen the photos, and I got it, but I think the shirt is awesome either way! $5 from me!


righteous design! I totally dig it

shiroshok profile pic Alumni

awesome design, fantastic ilustrational style. DONT ADD COLOUR its perfect the way it is.

also, effing hilarious

$547. 67 from me.


This shirt is not only super awesome, but a marked improvement from your previous design. Way to go man.


hah, i get it but im not sure i would wear it


cool idea but i doubt anyone who saw me wearing it would have any clue what it was supposed to mean haha.


oh wow. this is really friggin cool. perfect. doesn't even need to make sense, but thanks for explaining anyway. $5


i like this. i would like it better if the front design were centered on the chest, instead of the bottom.


Foreground: great. Background: woof. While you want to make the image pop, the BG takes away from it because it's just a big black blob and it's style seems so different from the image.


I really like it. But personally I think it needs colour.


funny funny funny, i got it before the explanation, i would wear this on another color...5


I love everything but those bars on the side - it looks like cell phone bars or something.

Neon Samurai

I agree with getjustin, your foreground image is awesome but I think the background image could be developed a bit. I think the image works well as just black, you really don't need to colour it. Were you putting it on a white shirt or a coloured shirt?


The colour I used from the Threadless tee template was "natural," I think. It's a creamy off-white, sort of.

Thanks to everyone for the comments so far.


I would love the design on the back just on the front of the t-shirt bottom right on its own... that would be wicked.


Good concept, but too complicated... anyone looking @ the shirt would be a bit puzzled, I would think.


great job. i think all your designs are great regardless of what people are commenting.


The Soviet symbol is a bit heavy-handed. I'd like it if it were just the man nursing the pig with wine.


The pig on the back of the shirt is a nice touch.


that is simply awesome. this is one of the first shirts i have seen that i would love to own.


i really like this. i think you did this really well and i must say i love the faces of both the pig and the man. very somber and stoic and the pig is pretty cute ;D and i love the black and white

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