Why do they always print the girls shirts in the odd colors?? I'd rather wear this in the blue and have it fit like a girls shirt! Wouldn't you???

Ok so I'm on a little rant now, but I'm sooo going to buy this one..

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This was the designers choice and I happen to like it.


I would also prefer the blue for a girly tee. I'm just glad they didn't go with the original girls' color scheme - pink shirt with light brown image. I am also not a fan of the logo on the back of the shirt. Kind of cheesey. But, I am buying anyway, because I have been waiting for this too long ...


I like brown, a lot. Waaayy better than the blue. I was excited when I saw the girly tee was in such a nice color scheme.

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shimila: Thanks bruva!

I personally don't look good in blue which was my reasoning! Teehee, damn the threadless public, It's all about what I want!


I like the brown. Looks better on my skin tone than blues.

It's kind of funny how now all the girls want the blue shirt and the guys want the brown. :P


I bought the men's to get the blue.


brown is my bisexual lover.


I love the brown and red colour, please keep it for the girly tee. I really hope they reprint this again!


i have nothing against brown shirts, but i liked this design on blue i bought it in a guys tee intead of girls. i figure that all tees don't have to fit the same so theres no reason not to buy a guys instead of girls. ;)


i have nothing against brown either, but i have this shirt and i don't really like the red/pink colors against this brown. i also wish the pillows were more colorful, not just red/pink/white. turns out it's not my favorite shirt, which bums me out every time i wear it because i was really looking forward to it.

also, i just realized that all my threadless shirts are either green or brown. must be in a rut!

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