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If I wear between a men's medium and large, would a girly XL fit me or not? I wanna get girly sizes but I'm afraid they won't fit.

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Hey Jessie,

Judging from your photos, it seems like the girly XL would fit you fine. I think it usually works well for someone who wears a 12 or 14 in regular women's clothes. I have a friend who wears a 16 and it even works on her. It probably depends on your build, too. Personally, I like the way the girly tees fit a lot. The smaller sleeves and "shaplier" fit are very flattering.

Happy shopping!

~Twiggy a.k.a. Jen


Thanks. :) I ended up ordering one of the three shirts I bought in the girly size, just in case I had ot send it back. Hopefully it fits so I can get those from now on.


I have one shirt in Girls XL and it's flattering, but it doesn't do wonders on the chest. I've gone Guys Medium and find that on a female that it still looks pretty good and is a tad more roomy. If you look at the sizes and compare, the Guys Medium is very close to a Girls XL. I'm thinking of getting this for my friend whose engaged. Too cute!

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