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Someone care to explain?

  • by broooke
  • posted Aug 27, 2007

I really like this, but what exactly is it referencing? I'm out of the loop :(

Watch this
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k basically, it is a cat, right?


on a skateboard.

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it's not really referencing anything at all, except the concept of cats on skateboards



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Even shirts that explains exactly what it is about in the form of a clear cut image AND text printed right on it makes people wonder what it means! Awesome!


Okay losers, lose the immaturity please. I was just wondering if it was created in reference to a video or something. Jesus.

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It's particularly funny to me because it reminds me of the time I worked in an office filled with many devout Southern Baptists. I had gotten a car air freshener one weekend that happened to be an illustration of a funny looking cartoon devil (smelled like cinnamon!).

That Monday, one of the laides ran into my office demanding to know what the devil air freshener MEANS- probably expecting to hear something more profound than me saying "'s an air freshener that will freshen my car."

YOU'RE the loser.
I kid. Name-calling is mean.

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no, seriously...i'm the guy who drew it and it's not supposed to mean anything. it's just supposed to be kinda strange.

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And by strange, he means perfect.


well in that case i'm loving the randomness. bought.


what an interesting bit of conversation


so much for the hommage to snakes on a plane theory...

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That video makes me giggle.


I like interesting conversations about nothing. They get me through my day at work.


cuteeeeee video isaboa!
and, i am glad you bought it, brooke. so did i! :D

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Heh, actually I was also wondering the same thing. After all, 'Do Not Jump Shark' would've been equally random if I hadn't found out about the Fonz reference. This could have easily been about... I dunno, a famous cat. On a skateboard. Or something.


Snakes on a Plane
Animals on a Means of transportation is quite a popular concept lately...

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Cute video :P


Doesn't mezo have a bit too much attitude... lose some girl.


They are being mean, i agree. I'm not sure, but it reminds me of the old snakes on a plane jokes. Except that its a cat, not a snake, and a skateboard not a plane. So it could be a joke on that. Otherwise, i dont know what it may refer to.


cat on a skateboard, brilliant! it's like those weak ass, generic stickers your teacher rewards you with in the 2nd grade when you do well on a test or homework or something.

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If you guys think we are being mean, you clearly have not been on the Threadless blogs long. We don't take kindly to sensitive babies.

I'll lose some attitude when you grow some balls.



hahahaaaa you tell 'em, mezo!


Eh i've been putting up with you guys for a LONG time now. It's all good.

Catonaskateboard is now skating its way into my mailbox, btw. :o

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I find it endlessly amusing that people can't get a design without a pop-culture reference. It's as though it's expected now. What an interesting commentary on Threadless designs.

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It's rather sad, huh, Mr. Dom? Like people can no longer think for themselves.


Indeed, but this is extra-awesome because I can wear it to work and have people be like WTF? Loves.


it's true domino. wifey works at quiksilver and they made some silly tee shirt for a function they were having and on it was a pirate and a ninja. now, instinctively i gave that shirt a 0 for originality then it struck me how influenced i am over t designs because i've only come to threadless for almost two years straight now.
there's a real "in" mentality to particular types of designs here and it's really interesting to me.


when did people EVER think for THEMSELVES?
oh right, never.

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haha, that's got jean jacques perrey music!

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I remember that devil car airfreshner story fondly mezo

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