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i like your illustration of the boy a lot, nice job!


i do too, but would you mind explaining it a little?


it's my interpretation of the song "boy with a coin". The object the boy is holding represents the "beauty" that only a child seems to notice. The object fcame from the image above, which represents life and death. Does that help?

epika pubika

i would like it centered, for some reason it doesnt work for me on the side


i thought it meant he found Bog cos of all the crosses. i dont know, they seem unnecessary. perhaps change the green/yellow color to something else.

a close up of the object in his hand would be nice.


bigger. bigger. BIGGER...........please?

bunny eats you

I really like the placement. Personally, I think the size is just fine. :)


I've not really liked all the literal boy-holding-coin subs but this one I really like! My only complaint is that the two images seem sort of disconnected. the boy is the best though. =)


I agree, I love it but the two 'pieces' need to be closer together


Why does everyone on this website constantly need things explained to them??? It baffles me. It's fucking art– make of it what you want. If you don't understand it, hey, does everyone instantly grasp the concept behind Dali? No.

Nice design. I dont understand it, but i'd wear it. I'm in like flint

The Wee Straggler

The placement is way off, but I like your interpretation.


i'd love to see the boy bigger on the shirt.
i love love love this design!


yeah both objects bigger would be great. But placement on the side is good.



i dont like it

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