A question on resolution & color count

Question for designers

Ive had a design rejected because it was heavily pixilated.
When I look at examples up for critique I see a color count
of 256. The edges in these files look smoother because of
a dithering of tone....something I cant do in 5 colors.

So what gives....is the limit five or 256 colors ?

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when threadless prints shirts, they use 5 spot color screen printing process. The design must only have 5 colors. The presentation can have as many colors as you need or can fit into 120 kb.

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what are you talking about?
post what was rejected or something so we have a clue what you're talking about.

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yeah, what BlameTheSuburbs said...

I don't understand when people don't design in Illustrator for tshirt designs anyway, so I'm probably no help here.

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Anything you save out as a standard gif will be converted to 256 colors even if it is only 2 in PS. We can see your design only uses black and white but everything is pixelated and jagged... sub


did he just psyche us with that sub link

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You may be authoring the images at too low a resolution. That will also give you jagged edges. You want the file to be the actual dimensions of the print (e.g. 13"x 13") and at a resolution of 300dpi or higher. When you resample the image to the size of the submission image it will greatly smooth the edges because of the quality of the source image. Make sure you keep the highres version for printing though.

I agree with jpiatt, using Illustrator is much less work for screen printing. With spot colors anyway.


Thanks for the quick response. As for the design rejected, I will take
another shot at it and post it to the critique area.

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