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POOR CORK!!!!! i'll never open a bottle of wine in my life......0_0
LOOOVVVEE the idea, sooo cool. Maybe...make the cork bigger so you can see him better. what is the wine bottle standing on? I think the bottle opener should look evil. Font looks...hard to read. LOVE IT!

Scott Wilson

Great idea, unfortunately poor execution.


Thanks for your opinion Sav... and yours ideas.


Not a fan of the white background, but my wine snob friends would all love this. 4$.


aha i like it! yeah I agree with sav though, bottle opener should be evil!


Cool, but do not fit with the theme song totally....


if it is cartooney, why not make the cork larger, so we can see what is going on in his little corky head.

i dont like the white shirt, and i dont like the blue opener.

but i really like the idea.


I don't understand what this has to do with the contest. Like, at all.


just because the band is iron and wine does not mean you should make a shirt with a wine bottle on it.

next time, try listening to the song

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