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So, I'm very new to this whole thing...what are the unnofficial rules for posting the same idea in a different light for slogans? I have this "I live vacariously" line that I'd like to use, but I have several things that it could be applied to. I don't want to post a whole bunch now, only to have people rate it negatively cause it seems annoying that it is my focus? How do you go about just running with one phrase...Do you keep something like this in your back pocket and revisit it a few days or a month or so later?

Don't want to be a new annoying slogan poster, ya know...

Also, what is the likelyhood that if I keep chugging away at slogans, that I'm going to come up with a gem? I mean, how much do you plug and chug on this thing to come up with a great idea that actually gets printed? Is it a rarity?

Watch this

i guess it would be how different each one was? it doesn't hurt to post a few and see what you get...

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do whatever you want. You'll get pretty much instant feedback. I'd just give it a try for a while, eventually you'll get the hang.

the official slogan club probably has some good example and stuff.

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