Vegetarians are okay, too...

  • by benharman
  • posted Aug 22, 2007

For all the carnivores out there...


Watch this

Obnoxious and boring.

Neon Samurai

I think this may have been better submitted as a type tee.


Or better if the "Meat is murder, tasty tasty murder" shirt didn't already exist. You're a little late on this one.


I actually sorta prefer this to the "meat is murder" one. EXCEPT i think the colors ruin it. Should be in brighter colors! Make it obvious!

tiphaine profile pic Alumni

My friends, there's room for all kinds of meat shirts out there. It's amusing. The lettering is excellent.

This should NOT have been a type tee. It's not a slogan. It's a design with a typographic basis.

mezo profile pic Alumni

That text work is 100% pro! I like it! Most of the nay-sayers up there are fucking clueless about good design.


No, definitely don't make it a type tee, I had a shirt that was based on a design of words and they rejected it for that reason. I like this better than the meat is murder one too


I think the colors are excellent. Makes me think of bacon.

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

It's funny though that all the people that are "clueless about good design" are nevertheless the majority of the purchasers on this site. HMMMMM.

tiphaine profile pic Alumni

Kookaberry, nevermind that mezo was talking about 5 people, I think you're off the mark. Threadless prints low-scored designs and they still sell out, so obviously there's some disconnect between scores and buying.

I could go on, but I won't. I'll just say this: I wish there were more designs like this on Threadless, and I wish more people would learn to discern between "I don't like this" and "this is bad."


Makes me wish i had this instead of the Meat is murder... but i do love that tee. I'm so obnoxious when i wear it to hang w my vegan friends... luckily they have a sense of humor. xo c

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

The design is just fine. I'm just saying that these "clueless folk" have a fine reason to suggest submitting it as a slogan tee. To them it's "just" text, and very little I might add, as is the many other text tees that are erroneously submitted into this section of Threadless. I think the average person here could discern between this design and, say, "Pense Pas Bete". All I'm saying is that before one writes someone off just try to see it from their perspective. The font is nice, but by no means difficult to execute. It could have just as been that it was submitted as a type tee and someone else done the font for it, as is with every...other...tee with just words on it. I guess my perspective would be "Is this worth 2500 bucks?".


I really enjoy how the lettering holds together.

mezo profile pic Alumni

but by no means difficult to execute....

So, kooka, by your reasoning a shirt has to be complicated and ornate in order to deserve a win? That's effed up, lady. This design IS simple, but who are you to say it's too simple? Sure this design is drastically different than Pense Pas Bete (for example, one seems to be using Comic Sans), but to say that this design is sub-par in comparison IS being clueless about design.

To defend myself & do the name calling I was avoiding initially- my comment was directed morgyn for her rude comment, wordynerd for the pointless 'done before' generic comment, and chancentrate for her comment saying the colors should be "brighter and more obvious"- wtf? I think her monitor needs calibration...and not the ONE COMMENT someone made about this being most effective as a type tee.

sonmi profile pic Alumni


mezo on Aug 28 '07
That text work is 100% pro! I like it! Most of the nay-sayers up there are fucking clueless about good design.

i agree x one million


I'm glad (and a bit surprised) that this shirt has instigated such a discussion about good design. I'm probably too biased to be involved in the discussion...I can only hope you like my shirt and that you would enjoy wearing it.

tiphaine profile pic Alumni

i agree with sonmi x one million
who agrees with mezo x one million
plus i agree with myself x one million

so, that's like a lot of millions.


needs an exclamation point after meat.....sweet design.....4...


Like the colors. Very raw-meatish =)

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

If you're going to quote me, then just quote me, don't take my words and twist them. I never once said that something requires "ornateness" and I never once said this design was "too simple". To ben h. I apologize, this is in no way a knock at your design. It just frustrates me that certain people decide to CONTINUALLY throw around f bombs and lunge at people who are expressing perfectly reasonable opinions. And I try to point that out and get called "effed up". It's like the cherry on my shit sundae that is today. And Mezo, before you respond, because I know you will, maybe try counting to 10 before doing so. Or...smoking a pound of weed. I know I'm not the only person on this site that has felt the delightfulness of your unnecessary wrath.

mj00 profile pic Alumni

It's really off-putting to me when people pile on other commenters and insult them- really, "Most of the nay-sayers up there are fucking clueless about good design?" Pretty harsh, particularly since you have no way of knowing if this is true. I feel like you guys defending this are being much more rude than the guys who didn't like it. The point of these comment pages (and the voting system) is that everyone gets to give their opinion, whether it fits in with the apparent Alumni opinion or not.

Anyway. I probably wouldn't buy this one, since I don't tend to wear type- pretty much every shirt I own has an illustration on it. While I think this is well done, I have trouble judging this kind of thing- to me, it's like designing a shirt using nothing but clip art (unless you actually drew the font). There are a lot of shirts of this caliber (in my opinion) that are submitted here every day, and I'd just as soon see one that's a little more "hands on" win.

(My opinion here is colored by the fact that I can barely draw at all, but I design stuff with type all day. To me, putting together a great looking combination of fonts isn't that impressive because I feel like I can do that. The more drawn stuff blows me away, because while I aspire to that I've never gotten close. It might not be totally fair, but that's where I'm coming from.)


But I will say that it is ridiculous to argue that typography isn't design.

Seconded -- check out Typographica and be amazed.


I'm getting tired of typography on Threadless. I only buy from this site because of the lack of typography tees. I'll give you that it's clever, but I wish you would have integrated it into an illustration.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Cursing is not lady-like & I never claimed to be a lady...

It's not fair to turn ben harman's innocently subbed design into a comment war any more than it's already become. But I will not apologize for speaking my mind. From what I can tell, some hate my harsh/blunt comments while others appreciate them. You can't please everybody....very much like this shirt!

I do think it's interesting that it was my comment that got called out even though it's defending the designer & design (by the way, tell Milton Glaser his I heart NY logo is not graphic design). My comment is rude but the first comment up top isn't?

mj00 profile pic Alumni

Without starting an argument (heh, too late...) my take on comments pages here has always been that the forum is meant for posting your opinion of the design, not for attacking other posters on what you consider to be their shitty taste. Be bold, be brash, whatever, it adds to the flavor of the site and I have no quarrel with you. But it drives me nuts when you guys (I'm generalizing here about some of the Alumni, because I also have some considerable jerky qualities) belittle other posters for disagreeing about the merits of designs. The fun part of art is that it's subjective and everyone sees things differently. (Also, who claimed that text isn't graphic design? I missed that comment.)

Anyway, back to the art. I'm still curious to know if the type was hand-drawn. The M's up top make me think yes, but the other text looks pretty familiar which makes me think at least some of it is fonts.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

wow...lotsa grumbling over this one and mezo's pretty much dead-on interpretation of both this fun design and what most of the voters on this site think is good art: fluffy bunnies and rabbits pushing elephants on swings.

I actually think this is a quite clever and more subtle pro-meat eating message than "tasty tasty murder" is. The typography is completely appropriate to a fun design. i'd like to see more contrast between the words or at least between the slogan and the shirt color, but other than that, this tee is a fun one and well designed to boot.

Plus type tee winners are underpaid anyway, so this winning the 2500 prize would be revenge for all the other winning sloganeers! lol. By the way, i think you should split this with the 40 type tee winners if it goes through. Just a thought.


In answer to the previous question, the type was hand-drawn. For whatever it's worth.

And yes, I acknowledge that there already is a "I love meat" t-shirt on this website. I'm sorry, but I love meat, too. Just in a different way. If you know what I mean...

And it's threadless' call whether or not this is a type T or not. They won't accept it if they consider it a type T.

I love threadless. It is a fantastic forum for design, and I wish I thought of it first. You're sure to find t-shirts you love, along with t-shirts you hate.

I loved the rabbits pushing elephants comment, by the way.

steven218 profile pic Alumni

arguments, ok, good, have fun…

still, this shirt is really well executed and i'd buy the living shit out of it.



Jeez, could vegetarians be any more annoying.

Eating meat may kill me faster, but at least I don't have to live with a bunch of whiney vegetarians.


Mmm...that's sexy type!


hahahaha i like it. it took me a lil while to get. but then i was like ah!!! so clever! i love it =) good job

Clare Nesmith

I'm sick of "I love meat" shirts, if only for the fact that you can buy them at Target.


Good job, I'd buy it.


i like the way it looks, but i could never buy it.

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