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i like it!! i like the design on the bottom/side though...not the front center


love the colors... great illustration. also like the size and i like it centered. way too many full frontal designs here. it should be seen. it gets lost on the bottom.


definitely down below and to the side.


Bottom side for the win--lovely design. Like iPod, but cooler. :D


I love it when designs wrap around the side. I think this one would work. And YES to the sleeve detail!


Awesome ! well done once again


The bottom placement is shown incorrectly--it should be on the other side (think of a person turning around to show you), not just the image mirrored. but that's nitpicking! I really like this, especially the simplicity of the silhouettes and how they go with the swirly bits. nice!


big fan. definitely placed on the bottom, though...

epika pubika

i like it bottom placement but have all of them fit in front, im not digging the wrap around


Decent artwork...would look great in an ad for the Philharmonic, but not great for a tee.


i really must protest. TWO of those musicians would not be using the treble cleff, but the bass cleff. please bring that into your consideration. we bass cleff players are offended (well, maybe).


I effin love cellos.


dorchestra FTW


I seem to be the only person on this site who likes the center chest. But I'm a woodwind person.

bunny eats you

I like everything else but I'm not so sure about the slate blue color.


I like the placement of the bottom/side as well.


Looks great, I like centre front


I like the bottom design. Cool touch making it wrap all the way back


Hmmm... do only the violists here (hmm... maybe just me?) realize that the violist (next to the bassist) is holding the instrument in the wrong hand? The viola goes under the left chin, and the bow goes in the right hand (like a violin). I absolutely love this design, but I would be ridiculed in orchestra for wearing it as is (geez, they already make enough jokes about violas!). Haha. $5 -- gorgeous work!


Oh my goodness!!!!! I would definately buy this shirt...but only because I'm such a nerd....

I love the silhouettes...


Nice shirt. I like the design at the bottom. Great sleeve detail! And ditto Miss_Beasley's comment about the violist!


ditto the comment about the violist.


I like this, and I'd like to see the image printed on the bottom/side & also on a lighter color tee than pictured.

Miss_Beasley, reading "left chin" gave me a good giggle. ;-) It made me picture someone with two chins.

Something Pretentious

Hey, sorry 'bout the mistake; I've never played a string instrument before. The guy was originally facing the right way, but I had to flip him around to make it more "asthetically pleasing". I'll make sure to do my research next time. Thanks for the comments, all!

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