Rival Theory

  • by FViral
  • posted Aug 22, 2007

Watch this
Hi my name is

I think this would be funnier if the yellow was walking away, because it doesn't fit in with RGB


I love it! Green doesn't fit with primary colors. We're talkin' analog art, not digital.


LOVE the martini!!! hahahahahaha hilarious! :) 5!!


Poor green :(

I guess it's not easy bei... never mind.


"yellow, green: fight to the death"


the styles a bit too simple and very sketchy
but i like it alot, if it was improved id buy it


I love the simple hand drawn look of it... Make it bigger, not too much maybe just 20%... xo c


I love it. Ignore brentendo - the style suits the subject perfectly.
2 things: can it be on non-white? .. Maybe black.. or .. purple?
And, how about a different placement? lower and to one side perhaps?


Has to be white, if It were black the sketchy look would lose effect.

Any other color tee and that would make a total of 6 colors: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, White, and Black; you're only allowed 5 colors per design.


haha, poor secondary colors.


i like it.. but it needs to be bigger..

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

Is this like a John Nash reference too?


John Nash? Explain.


It should be the yellow walking away. It's either RGB or CMYK. I hate how in school you learn Red Yellow and Blue, but it's actually not red or blue. I mean kids might not be able to completely understand, but RBY is a lie.

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John Nash had some sort of competition theory for economics, it was the main theory talked about in the movie about him "A Beautiful Mind"


What if it were on a crayola-yellow shirt, so that you wouldn't need white as a color? Also, I'd make the green a crayola-green and fill in the circles (with black) on the crayon wraps... but that's just me :)


yeah I love the martini.
it's so flippin' cute!



oh yeah

and you get a 5 just for that.


I have a crush on your crayons!!! So cute. 5


this is v. cute


Thanks FViral for staying true to the primary colors. FYI Mike_115: RGB, CMYK...that's light. Red, Blue and Yellow are pigments. (paint, printing inks, crayons!). If kids didn't have Yellow to mix with, where would glorious Orange (and green) be?? Like Woodsygirl said, its analog, not digital.


Oh yeah, and I like it on white, green or yellow - the other colors would make it too dark and detract from the artwork (and purple too rainbow-y). I also like the idea of filling in the ovals black - it would balance out the solid areas nicely. Cute martini, simplicity and expressions overall! 5


LOL I like how red has a cosmo.


CMYK is not light, dum-dum.


I want this shirt so bad! ffor a diffrent reason of, I HATE THE COLOR GREEN!! 5 for sure and Id buy it in a heartbeat! I want it so bad!


^ made me laugh


i'm in love with this shirt
mostly because i think many people can relate to it's meaning/message
win for me please?!?!?!


I agree that yellow should be walking away. RGB for the win!


the art needs to be bigger (not massive) or perhaps consider a different placement

i think it should be the crayola crayon so there's a bit more black around (and that way i could tolerate it on the white shirt)

otherwise i think i'm in love... great idea
(and yeah, it'd totally work if it was RGB and the tellow was walking away as opposed to the primaries... the primaries excite the artist in me though!)



The shirt is good, why the huge debate on colors? More people would understand the primaries anyway.

T.A.P.S 29

i think blue and red should be standing next to each other like they're together,and yellow be standing alone, like green is leaving it.


nno everyone shut up! its perfect.please win!! lol.


no! shut up evveryone its perfect! Please win!!.


I LOVE THE COLOUR GREEN but i still love this shirt.
i think it would look better bigger and bottom placement. but whatever placement still needs to be bigger so everyone can see the cute martini =]




last day of scoring, I appreciate all the feedback.


@craftkitty I know the difference. I was saying it should be cyan and magenta instead of red and blue, also there should be black. That or have the yellow leave. I know I said it differently earlier. As it is the two systems are combined and confused. For design it is fine, for accuracy it isn't.


Perhaps the design is a commentary on peoples knowledge of the additive and subtractive color theories.

Or maybe yellow is just cooler to hang out with than green. :P


Oh for the love of Mike! This is a $5 design, a $5 execution of design, a $5 conversation-starter about color theory... geez, win already so i can buy a few!


Dude its a different colour not a different race lol
so it COLOURIST! hahahaha
I love this shirt, I'll buy it!

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