your favorite submission of all time...

does NOT matter!
because mine are finally up!

If you like em, mosey on over and give it $5!
If you don't like them,slow yer roll, and tell me all about it on this blog.. and stay away from scoring! :D

Here's the poll I promised in the comments in my subs.

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Watch this

that's right. if nobody comments, it only proves everyone loves them! YESSS


rollin wif da big boyz naw

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Not too shabby my man, especially compared to that first lazy-man's sub with the small icon. Did you get Threadless to take that one out of the contest?


no, it was rejected, thank Gawd! what a drunken jab to my rep! But i guess it doesn't matter, after the next sale, imma use up my STP's and make a new account.


i'd eat chuck's soul for a print


I've been waiting for the day I'd see something I made in the 12 random submissions. patience...


wow i feel bad for this blog so HELLOOOOOOO!!! and i almost said i don't like your girlfriend. o crap i just did


lol thanks. I didn't expect comments, this is just a bumpin blowg


most of my blogs get like no comments cause people dont like me..


I like you.
I like you long time.


You emo kids don't have that one thing we azns have: NATURAL BLACK HAIR.

eat your heart out.


I say, guess the score for free stp's


just a few days left!


1 day left!


hey ltdan1504 you won the free caricature drawing for January!! Here's a Link to the Blog

please email me a good clear high resolution photo of yourself, with good expression, to: so that i can do you caricature! also give me your mailing address so i can mail you the original painting. i'll email you files when it is done as well....congratulations!


hey ltdan1504, I need to hear from you ASAP that you are going to claim your prize!!!!

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