Hot Topic Stole This Shirt

I didn't see it posted anywhere else, but I saw a total rip-off of "Shakespeare Hates Your Emo Poems" at a Hot Topic. It said the same thing, ironically without the word "emo."

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ladykat profile pic Alumni

I assume you mean this tee?

I don't know, it's different enough, probably a line that's been used many times before anyway.


I suppose many have said it, but I still think putting it on a t-shirt, especially since it has the whole emo overtone, is a pretty blatant rip-off.

The Ringleader

I like the Threadless version better. The sentence just rolls off your tongue, whereas the HT version sort of sounds.. well, retarded. They always seem to rip off everything. I don't know if anyone is a House of Holland t-shirt fan, but HT completely copied that too. Made me mad as hell.

caitlin k

yeah that sucks. and on a different note...terdfergusson, I had the children's book your id pic came from when I was a kid. It still haunts me.


HT sucks. And it's not funny if it doesn't say emo.
HT can't make fun of the word emo because then they'd have pissed off all their crappy customers. Then they'd all go home and cry and cut themselves.


"It said the same thing, ironically without the word "emo." "

what the hell is ironic about that?


this is off topic but i'm curious...what book is your profile illustration from? looks creepy.


I think it's ironic because for all of the places to specifically cut out the word emo, it happens to be the most emo store ever. The illustration is from a German book of morbid fairy tales called Struwwelpeter.

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