Anybody Have These Songs??

My filesharing isn't working but i need these songs to make a cd. if anybody has them or can download them and email them that would be awesome! my email is

The songs I need are:

All American Rejects - It Ends Tonight
Barenaked Ladies - Old Apartment
Black Crowes - She Talks to Angels
Buckcherry - Lit Up
CheapTrick - I want you to want me
Slaughter - Up All Night, Sleep All Day

any help is appreciated!!!!

Watch this

no problems, i used to have it....but not anymore


I have black crows and cheap trick.


i would frickin love it if you emailed them to me


she talks to angels is 12 mb


and the cheap trick one its live.


sounds like it's too big to email......hmmmm....i don't know another way to download that one...


and ello, if you could send those that would rock major ass


live works just as well sagral


i gotta head out, but if you guys want to help me that would be real chill (as they say in Cali)

and my email is:

(That's a "two" in the middle...kinda looks like a 'z' with this font...)


hello long time no talk!
yes i have that aar one...who doesn't


saaaaaaaaaaweeet! i'm still rockin the plain white t's you sent me

but i do gotta run, and i'll catch you on the flippity side

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