Boat Launchers

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Jesus Christ. Why even wear a shirt if you're going to wear this one. Just go to Woodstuck 2009 laquered in spermicial lub and hope you don't get AIDS.


I almost always - somehow - disagree with ngazin's comments, but this time I'm going to have to agree big time. This seems like something they'd sell at snorgtees or something.

caleb haws

which demographic does this appeal to? ermmm... prostitutes?

mezo profile pic Alumni

...well I fucking like it! The text is fun, the colors are sailor smooth, and the slogan is crass enough for a skank like me to want it. Except, there are weird/sloppy areas in the banner. where it's supposed to go behind the anchor, but not quite making it. Thus making the background peep through. Otherwise 4


Would YOU wear this RAISEnoCHICKEN? I don't know anyone who would. But there is potential, if you were to do it as part of a beer bottle label & but the bottle on the shirt...



jimbrowski profile pic Alumni

That's hilarious! I can't believe how prudish some folks are being about this one...

Coleblotcky profile pic Alumni

i think its pretty funny.


I dunno how well this will do here. seems like something bustedtees would print


OH MY GOD. That is so dirty!


hey, guys! this isn't about sex, it's simply promoting anchors.

and where would boating be today without anchors?


as it happens, though, I don't really care for this design anyway, and say it gets a 3.


this is going to sound really mean, and i do apologize, but if this got chosen and none of my designs ever did, i think i'd kill like nineteen people.


i can't believe you're the same person that did the coffee shirt...don't take that the wrong way, i was just really really impressed with the other one.


what are you guys talking about, this is awwesome! 5$

mezo profile pic Alumni

Not to sound mean but I like this way better than slicedbred's 2 subs.


Yay innuendos!


This reminds me how much I love sailing.


A tee that all unwed teenage mothers should have.


I love this shirt. I definitely read it as more of a commentary on anchors more that any sort of innuendo.


that is amazing i know a few skanks that would where that....i'd buy it for them lol


Execution is a little too easy - a little on the loose side. It's a good shirt for a great time but I wouldn't bring it home to meet my folks...I like it, but I wouldn't call it in the morning...


i like it, is something wrong with me?


I think this is awesome even though I would never where it in a million years (and that's not because I'm a guy).

This won't be printed but good job. And that is the best model ever.

taluna punta

uh...not that funny..unless bj's are funny somehow. and its not a particularly good design, therefor, i would never want to even look at it. a zero all the way, sorry.


the model in the pic is exactly the girl (or tranny) who would wear this shirt... so I guess it comes down to how many pudgy, desperate, drunk girls are on threadless :)

Trev Murphy

$5 - just cause NGAZIN hates it.


is there a sorority reference here? if so...kudos to you.


this gets a five i want one for my GF ;p


okay, putting taste aside one moment, who will Threadless be selling this shirt to ? No self respecting woman who wears her panties to work would wear this. It's likely to appeal to less than one in ten of the male population and unless I'm wide of the mark it's unlikely to be made into a kids shirt anytime soon. The only people buying it would be pricks like morganinspace who get excited by the myth that deep down all women are skanks or whores. It's well rendered but that's all it's got going for it. Cero Puntos..................................


Bravo! Promotion de prostituées!! attendez...qui est cette p**** en photo??

caitlin k

I think any girl who would wear this should be slapped in the face with a cactus

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