Can somebody explain to me...

What is supposed to be happening in this shirt?

To me it just looks like three kids sitting on unnaturally placed diagonal trees.

It really irritates me!

Watch this

It's beautiful...really catures the essence of summer.


In those Pre Cell Phone/Texting/DVD/Internet/Cable/Video Game/iPod days . . .
Kid's would go outside, enjoy the fresh warm air and talk about stuff, in person.


Nowadays, it's hard to find people that would spend quality time like that...


It reminds me of Peter Pan.. seriously.


That's depressing. Kids don't do that anymore?


See, I thought that there was a hidden picture in it, and I was missing it, and every time I looked at it I felt dumb for missing something obvious.

I get that it's supposed to be summer or something.

And hey, don't criticize me about the pre cell phone days or whatever. I grew up in Nowheresville, Maine. We didn't have cable, a movie theatre, or a hospital. lol


I agree with shampoo. I like the concept, but the image looks like it's full of hidden images that I just barely can't make out.

It's looks like there's a gun leaning against the tree, for example...


I like the concept, but the design isn't that great. Not something I'd wear on a t-shirt.


The shirt glows. (Specifically, the moon and the stars). It's like a summer night scene when seen in the dark -- the moonlight provides subtle lighting for the rest of the shirt. It's AMAZING.


erm. i don't live on a farm, so this has never happened to me.

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