I remember when Threadless was cool.

  • by Fawful667
  • posted Aug 20, 2007

I enjoyed Threadless products more when they were churning out comedy-based shirts every week. Anyone remember when that was happening?

You know, one week "Haikus are easy, but..." comes out, the next week, they've got "Planetary Status." Now, each batch brings with it 3 or 4 shirts which have designs that make little to no sense to anyone, but the person who designed it. This shirt is the closest one to that state of glory that's been released in a while. I declare a state of lame, highest caliber, that requires immediate remedy.

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they should forego all nicely designed shirts
for pun infested cotton walls of lameness no doubt

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

"I remember when" statements are best left to the old folks.

Lest you call us whippersnappers, then I will cry "Havock" and let slip the dogs of war.

And to ruin a recent tee quote.

"I like threadless shirts that don't even exist yet"


lol @ Castle and Tora

The Wee Straggler

Castle FTW indeed.

I'm surprised he would chose this shirt to single out. This is one of the more accessible new prints we've seen in a while, and it's well executed. I gave it a five even though It's not really my style.


oh be nice! ha! though there are some funny comments there...

i can see what you mean, but they are just putting out more shirts to appeal to all types. not just to people who want a 'funny' shirt. now there are artsy ones, cute ones, stylish ones and still one or two funny ones each new printing... just be happy with em!


Wee . .. I believe he wrote that he thought Quack Attack was closest to that "state of glory".


I prefer a good design to a good joke, though it's certainly possible to have both. Anyway, "comedy-based shirts" have only gotten MORE numerous over the course of Threadless' existence, since they're putting out way more stuff every week.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

i am never gonna respond to another one of these

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

aw hell


i haven't been attracted to any of the t-shirts for a while now. they're kinda weak. the art for the most part is usually cleverly composed, but not enough for me to want 'em. funny doesn't have to be a cheesy pun, but if you're trying to be funny, it's gotta have a clear, intelligible point.

artdrops profile pic Alumni

that "butterfly fish" is not to shabby.... if I say so myself ^^


This looks like it should be part of a series with "Defend the Kingdom"...Me likey!

The Wee Straggler

sectionbb on Aug 20 '07 at 4:19pm
Wee . .. I believe he wrote that he thought Quack Attack was closest to that "state of glory".

Doh! Makes much more sense now.

Does that mean I'll hate this shirt once my balls drop?


Dude if your moments of glory is with the text tees you haven't been here long enough


if your moments of glory was where when they had text tees then you haven't been around here long enough


my interests at the moment are drifting away from the simple comedic t-shirts, to the more artistic ones that "only make sense to the artist"... they make me feel above everyone else, and I love it.


martiandrivein on Aug 20 '07 at 5:22pm
Hey!...he likes my Haiku!

we all know the real point of this blog was to get into Rolfs pants.

Which, really, is understandable.


I agree with him, I found out about threadless a while ago and I was estatic, then slowly and slowly my favourite shirts started selling out and I didn't end up buying anything because the new shirts are pretty lame and I wasn't fast enough...

and none of the good shirts ever get reprinted...

ysy101 profile pic Alumni

I think the good thing about Threadless is that they listen to your wants. I like to design both silly and artistic shirts just in case because I never know what people like better.


to castle and papaprime

ha. laughed my ass off.


QQ more please.


different strokes for different folks.


i remember the alamo


hmmm...this blog is kind of funny! not sure what to add:)


I would have to say that I was drawn to this site just yesterday by a search for a fun, intelligent, and well composed shirt for a friend. When most other gifts would have failed to highlight our unique connection, this tee shirt succeeded. Unfortunately, it was never printed, but i digress. I guess what I'm trying to say is that an abstract shirt with no rhyme or reason may be just as valid as the dry one liner shirt depending on the searcher. The important thing is to maintain that balance of diversity. The fortunes of threadless seem to be rooted in their ability to provide that shirt that nobody else has thought of or would dare to print.


Punk's not dead!


you remind me of my last defecation


Robsoul profile pic Alumni

ha and I felt this was the weakest tee of the day, but to each his own.


i remember when thinking things use to be cool ..

was cool


What's wrong with diversity in design? Not like a business strategy...

Red Threads

I liked this shirt just not the colour - although it does look good on the model, maybe that's just because she's cute. I didn't like the butterfly shirt though... guh. I haven't been browsing threadless long enough to notice any changes but looking back at some of the sold out shirt's i do wish i had.


threadless shirts have been getting more and more lame. shirts from past years were so much better.
whats the deal?


guess all the good designs got used up



I remember getting drunk and having sex before you were born. Wait, am I your mother? Get to your room boy!

TerryMakesStuff profile pic Alumni

Well to the original poster, we call this "state of lame", variety. While the comedy prints are nice, things like Messages From The Reverse, Beasts And Pearls, and The Great Outdoors, and other big people shirts that don't need punchlines keep Threadless fresh.

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