Please help, kind citizens.

i hope i'm posting this in the right area as not to infuriate the masses. i've got a few sketches i'd like to submit for critique. I've scanned them into my system, but how do i give them that professional finish? My sketches are rather rough yet, and nowhere near t-shirt quality, so what program (that won't rape my wallet) can i get to finish them up? I'm looking for something simple and easy to use. And if the sketch, scan, complete, critique, submit route is completely wrong, please tell me the right way to do this. I apoligize for my ignorance, and am praying someone will help me out. again, i know i'm woefully stupid, so please don't post responses called me so. it would be altogether pointless and redundant.

Watch this

a program that won't rape your wallet, you ask? i don't know but that was funny...


You can post your sketches into a critique ( look at my critique to see what I mean) and see if people think the concept is worth continuing with before spending time vectoring it.
Most people here either use photoshop or adobe illustrator you can download free trials of these programs at


thanks a lot, i'll do that. and i'm not familiar with the term vectoring. (again, i'm woefully ignorant). please explain? and i've already got photoshop, so cheers to that.


Vectoring is the term used when you are creating the designs in illustrator or other programs similar. Vectors are pictures that can be resized as big as you want without getting pixelated, and usually have fluid curvy lines, Photoshop uses Rastors which get pixellated if you don't have them big enough to start with. There are a lot of good online tutorials that explain this a lot better than I can, google around and you will find what you need to know.


Every time I see this blog pop back up, the "citizens" part makes me think you're Batman.


I asked almost that exact same question about a year ago and saved the helpful blogger answers in a word document. In that time I have learned almost nothing so the responses still dont make much sense to me, but I can e-mail the file to you if you want.


Don't know much about it as I don't do digital design, but there has been some mention in other blogs, of this free vector program.


thanks everyone. to whylime - that'd be fantastic. my email is

to WarDrobe - what if i am?


ok i sent it,

I must say to refind this blog I searched threadless for the word 'help' and I must say it makes the bloggers seem kinda needy

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