seed of war

hope this hasn't been done yet!

Watch this

hope this hasn't been done yet!


...I would buy this now if it was a shirt...
I've been carrying one of those around on my back daily for a few weeks now. (...guess where?!) ...and I still think its a great message. (...not to mention a way cool design!) $5


very nice design. not sure about the symmetrical part underground, but it is not mine, so i won't quibble.


I agree that the abstract symmetry underground is unnecessary. Otherwise, well done!


The spaceships look more Flash Gordon than Star Wars. Not that that's a bad thing...


what spaceship?
Cool concept!


"It's not guns that kill people, its people that kill people."


i like it! but make the roots look more like roots, and not like a tribal design.



i really wasn't going for tribal design in fact, I actually was thinking of the Dextor's Labratory Movie and how Mandark's lab looked all evil with black claws, and then I took those in illustrator and used the Pucker nad Bloat effect and I liked it soo yea, thats what I was thinkin. I was trying to think of someting sinister for the roots too, not just plain ordinary roots, I sorta thought that would be boring. And I thought it would be nice for symmetry.


spaceship! hahahaha good one! i think the design on the shirt is too page-y the earth maybe round? or something so it doesnt just get cut off. i like it. especially the spaceships. :)


interesting concept, but the root system looks like thorns and spider-legs


It was a good idea, trying to incorporate a tribal effect wasn't.


im not getting the spaceship thing guys.... cool design though... i agree about the symmetry thing..


ok, i wasn't going fer tribal, i hate tribal, sooo maybe i will rework it. i like space ships but wha?


Oooo, that's a really interesting and unique design. I've been wishing that one of the peace designs that uses guns would be printed for some time now, but I like this even more than that style.



I. Think. This. Is. AWESOME!.


I really like it! However, I don't like how the ground is cut in a square like that - maybe it should blend with the shirt more? I hope that's clear. It's my only qualm though - the rest is sweet!


Blend the ground with the shirt somehow.


Make this shirt now!!!! Just in time for the primaries. Send some to the canidates. Make a statement.


very cool design. I'd like it on a different color shirt, though.

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